Beyond a Joke Comedy Gala Show

Beyond a Joke Comedy Gala Show

Ticket price: £12
18th June 2022 North West

Tickets for the Beyond a Joke Comedy Gala are now on sale! 

Come join us for a hilarious night out in support of our budding comedians. We’re expecting a lively atmosphere with plenty of laughs to be had, so make sure you don’t miss out. 

When: Saturday 18th June

Where: The Studio, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Ticket cost: £12

Start time: 7.30pm

The Comedians

We’ve currently got nine fantastic supporters lined up the comedy gala show who are currently in training with leading comedians, Rob Thomas and Sarah Jones from The Comedy Trust.

Jackie Prudom

“I’m a retired art teacher who’s turning 72 this summer with 4 grown up and 3 teenage grandkids.  

I’m taking part in Beyond a Joke Comedy Gala this year as it’s all for a very worthy cause, raising money for lung cancer support. I’m also sick of sitting at home watching tele! It’s time to be out and about, gaining my confidence back again.”

Read Jackie’s story here.

Chris Roberts

“I’m taking part because I previously did it two years ago and I enjoyed it so much, people laughing at material I had written is a great feeling! I’m 40 years old with two kids, and live at home with my partner Louise, she’s put up with many of my jokes, so she deserves a medal. 
Everyone knows someone directly or indirectly that has been affected by cancer, and the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is such a great cause to be raising funds for.” 

Rahul Sagger

“My name is Rahul Saggar married over 10 years with 2 kids aged 5 and 2. I have been in the software sales industry for over 15 years and trying this again after the first time 6 years ago – time will tell if I made the right decision!  

I live in Liverpool but was down south for a number of years for work – glad to be back and proud of being a scouser . 

I like  LFC, golf, eating and meeting people who I can tell my bad jokes too!” 

 Francine Carlyle

“I’ve always wanted to do comedy, and this is the perfect opportunity to try it and also raise money and awareness of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.” 

Kimberly Ludlam

“Hey! I’m Kimberly, my ethos is ‘live life to the full’ and have as much fun as possible in between.

My life dream is to be a comedian as my life is pretty much a joke! I thought why not mix the two together and see what happens!”

George Marsh

“I have always loved entertainment, Roy Castle did too and he could put his hand to most things most things song and dance comedy and record-breaking.

So I thought because of the pandemic and all we’ve been through, we all deserve a laugh it’s such a worthy cause for Roy Castle and all the amazing work it does so I’m excited to tell a few jokes and have a laugh we all deserve it.”

Jack Marray

“Hi, my name is Jack I will do anything for a night away from minding my kids so I volunteered to do stand-up comedy!”

Ricky Williams

“Why did the idiot sign up for Beyond a Joke? To get to the other… no wait, that’s not right.

I work for the charity and see first hand what lung cancer does to friends and families.

I lost my best mate, my grandad, to lung cancer – so tonight, this one’s for you mate!”

We’ll be sharing more about our comedians in the coming weeks, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

What to expect on the night

Alongside an amazing show from our budding comedians and debuts from The Comedy Trust, we’ll be hosting a raffle with prizes including…

  • Two Tickets including meals for any performance of ‘Mam I’m Ere!’ at Liverpool’s Royal Court from Friday 10th June to Saturday 9th July 2022 – kindly donated by Liverpool’s Royal Court
  • Two tickets to see Dara Ó Briain on the So Where Were We? Tour on Saturday 17th September 2022 at the Liverpool Empire – kindly donated by Off the Kerb Productions
  • Two tickets to see Russel Kane on tour on November 6th 2022 in the Liverpool Empire – kindly donated by Off the Kerb Productions
  • Two Tickets to see Kevin Bridges on his The Overdue Catch-Up tour on Wednesday 13th July 2022 at the Liverpool Empire – kindly donated by Off the Kerb Productions

You’ll also be able to relax, enjoy a few drinks and help raise vital funds for all those affected by lung cancer. For more information, please email