Retro Running Series

Retro Running Series

United Kingdom

Welcome to the Retro Running Series!

Our Retro Running Series offers you a chance to head back in time relive your favourite decades. This is your chance to earn not just five amazing retro medals, but if you complete all five themed virtual runs, you will also receive a sixth Ultimate Retro Running Series medal to complete your collection.

From the psychedelic 60s, funky 70s, electric 80s, groovy 90s & the totally-cool 00s, we have an exclusive medal representing each unique era!

Not only does our Retro Running Series offer amazing medals, you will also receive a link to each decades very own Spotify playlists featuring the biggest hits from each era to keep you motivated during each run! Plus, you’ll receive an invitation to our Roys Runners Facebook community group and Strava run club & the option to purchase or donate to receive a matching technical top for each decade, whilst supporting those living with lung cancer.

Check out each exclusive medal that could be yours below – simply click on each image to sign up to an individual race or alternatively, continue to the end of the page to sign up for all five retro runs and you will receive the Ultimate Retro Running Series medal at the end of the series.

Pick the right registration for you

Registration option 1: 5 Races

If you would like to sign up for the Retro Running Series and take on all five decades before 31st May 2021, the registration fee is £30.00. The registration fee covers all five medals and includes the ultimate retro running medal at the end of the series.

Fundraising is optional, however if you would like to fundraise to receive each decades matching technical top, we kindly ask that you raise a minimum sponsorship of £150.00. If you would only like to receive the retro running medals and not the technical tops, you can opt out of fundraising by emailing to let us know. We will then make sure we don’t post any technical tops to you.

You can complete any of the virtual runs at any point throughout the year and upload your evidence to receive your well deserved medal.

Registration option 2: Pick a decade of your choice

If you’d prefer to run a particular decade, then simply click on the decade of your choice below to sign up! Fundraising is optional however if you do choose to fundraise or kindly donate £25, you will receive an exclusive themed technical top to match your medal.

What happens next?

  • After registration you will receive a welcome email with all the information you need regarding the Retro Running Series including links to our Strava & Facebook group, as well as our Spotify playlists.
  • Choose when you would like to complete your run – it’s up to you!
  • Once your run is complete, simply upload your evidence via Strava or Facebook & we will post your well-earned medal to you.

Please note, if you have signed up for all Retro runs individually, you will qualify for the Ultimate Retro Running medal.

Our Retro Running Reries will run throughout 2020 into 2021. If you have chosen to complete all 5 decades, at the end of the Retro running series – estimated to finish in March 2021 – we will post the ultimate retro running medal to you.

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