Fundraising ideas

There are so many ways to fundraise for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation – that don’t involve running a marathon!

From raising money with family and friends, to having a good old fashioned cake sale, the sky is the limit when it comes to fundraising for lung cancer. And our team of fundraisers are here to help you every step of way.

Fundraising favourites

Not a runner, no worries! Here are some of the other popular ways people fundraise for us:

Charity Ball or fun day

Whether you’re supporting someone living with lung cancer, or remembering a loved one who has passed away, charity fun days or evening balls are a great way to fundraise and raise money for lung cancer research and support. Fundraiser Kelly has held a charity ball every year since 2012, after losing her dad, Graham, to lung cancer. It’s grown and grown, so much that there is now a waiting list for tables!

Bake sales / Coffee mornings

Cake sales are a wonderful way to fundraise. After all, who doesn’t love a slice of cake?! Coffee mornings can be held anywhere – from offices, to schools and social clubs. Get everyone together and let them eat cake!

Hair raising fundraiser

Head shaves have always been a popular fundraising event and are often done in solidarity for a loved one who has lost their own hair during treatment for lung cancer. Fundraiser Matt Norris paid tribute to his mum, Angela. Not only did he dye his hair grey, but when he reached his fundraising total he shaved his head!


Bingo nights are also a fun way to raise money, just ask Lillian who held a bingo day for us with her self-help group. After all, as Lillian rightly said “Who doesn’t love a bit of bingo?! We hired a hall and got the balls rolling. No one takes it too seriously – it’s just a lovely, fun time raising money for a fantastic cause.

Auctions and raffles

Raffles and auctions are a really good way to fundraise. They can be done as a standalone event in work or at school, or as part of a fun day or charity ball. Don’t be afraid to ask local businesses to donate prizes.

Quiz nights

Eyes down, phones away! First question – What is a great way to raise money for lung cancer? Answer – have a quiz night! You can do it yourself at home via video calls with friends, or ask your local pub to host. It’s a really simple way to fundraise.

We’ve even sorted the questions for you!

Back in 2020, and to celebrate our 30th anniversary, we held a 90s quiz hosted by Fun House’s Pat Sharp. Click here to request your copy of the questions.


From horse racing to the World Cup, there is always some sort of sporting event to run an office sweepstake on.

Tuck shop

Take advantage of people’s sweet tooth and create a tuck shop. Take request from your colleagues and see what they would like the tuck shop to stock to maximise sales! All profits can then go to the charity.

Bag packs

Contact your local supermarket by writing to the Charity or Community Champion at your local store and ask if you could arrange a bag packing service there. Then round up the troops and get packing. We can provide you with collection cans and donation buckets, as well as charity T-shirts.

Birthday donations

Ask your friends and family to make a donation to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation instead of buying you a birthday present. It’s easy to set this up directly through Facebook and 100% of the money raised comes directly to us.

Dress down days

Whether it’s at school or work, dress down days are always popular and so easy to organise. Just email everyone to let them know the date and ask them to donate £1 if they take part. Rigby Financial, one of our corporate partners, are doing this every Friday for a whole year.

Give up something

From chocolate to social media, there is all something we could give up to fundraise for lung cancer. And quite often, as well as raising money, it’s beneficial to our own health too! Win win!

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Lottery

By taking part in our weekly lottery, not only will you be supporting our work and the people we help, you’ll also be in with a chance of winning the top prize of £25,000!

Shopping saves lives

Did you know..? When you shop with Amazon Smile, Amazon makes a donation to us, at no extra cost to you – but only if you’ve selected us as your Smile charity. Click here to find out more.

How ever you choose to fundraise, you’ll be helping people affected by lung cancer. When Lee’s dad was diagnosed during the coronavirus pandemic, his family entered the unknown. Fortunatlely, Lee found our Ask the Nurse service.

“We were on the phone for about an hour. I never felt rushed, or that she was trying to wrap up the call to speak to someone else. By the end of it, I had all the information I needed so when I spoke to Dad’s consultant, I knew exactly what I needed to ask”

Lee, Ask the Nurse service user