Amazon Smile

Donate to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation every time you shop on Amazon – at no extra cost to you.

Amazon Smile

Did you know Amazon donates 0.5% of all transactions from supporters who have selected us as their Smile charity. Sign up today and choose Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation as your charity to start donating now.

How it works

  • Go to and log in with your standard Amazon account.
  • Search for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and Select
  • Click the check box and then click the Start shopping button.

You can now donate through Amazon Smile through the mobile app as well as the web brower.

How it works:
1. Open the Amazon app on your phone
2. Select the main menu (=) & tap on “AmazonSmile” within Programmes & Features
3. Select Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation as your charity
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate AmazonSmile in the mobile app

There is a Free Google Chrome extension that makes it even easier to shop with Amazon Smile:

  • Visit:
  • Click “Add to Chrome” (the extension also works on Safari and Firefox browsers)
  • Select Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
  • Start shopping as you would normally!

Adding this to your web browser means that every time you visit Amazon, your browser will automatically take you to Amazon Smile. Every time you shop with Amazon Smile, you will be supporting people living with lung cancer and funding vital research into the disease.

Millions could be donated everyday

0.5% may not sound like a lot; 10p for every £20 spent. However when you learn that Amazon daily sales are over £324 million, that number has the potential to change the lives of so many.

In fact, if every Amazon was done via its Smile website, charities worldwide would receive over £1.6million every single day.