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Welcome to the Lung Cancer Connect digital resource library. Here you will find a range of written and video content featuring clinicians, patients and professionals with experience in health and wellbeing to help you through your lung cancer diagnosis and treatment.

We are constantly adding to our library, so keep coming back for more videos and information.

Planning for treatment

Dr. Melanie MacKean, consultant medical oncologist at NHS Lothian, discusses the period between diagnosis and the start of treatment including the tests you may need to have, as well as the improvements made in chemotherapy.

How chemotherapy is delivered

Dr Melanie Mackean explains how chemotherapy is delivered, why treatments is spaced out and how you can prepare for your chemotherapy treatment.

Systematic treatments and side effects

Dr Melanie Mackean provides an overview to targeted therapies and immunotherapies and discusses the side effects associated with difference treatments and ways you can manage and reduce side effects of treatments.

Adjustments during treatment

Dr Melanie MacKean explains when and why your treatment plan might change and the vital role of lung cancer nurses in supporting you throughout your treatment.

Chemotherapy and vaccinations

Dr Melanie MacKean discusses having vaccinations, including the annual flu and Covid-19 vaccinations, whilst receiving chemotherapy and how they might impact or delay your treatment.

Maintenance Chemotherapy

Dr Melanie MacKean explains what is maintenance chemotherapy, why it is used in lung cancer and how it may benefit some people living with lung cancer.