Patient Grant application

Guidelines for applicants

A Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Patient Grant is a one-off payment of  £100 awarded to people with lung cancer. We recognise that diagnosis and treatment can lead to extra costs for day to day essentials and impact on your wages and savings. Grants can be used to cover some immediate costs.

Your lung cancer diagnosis may change your access to benefits and other sources of financial help.  If you have not had a financial check with a benefits advisor, it is worth doing this.  They can help you apply for all relevant benefits,  and advise on access to any insurance or work related financial support and reduce any costs linked to your hospital treatment and prescriptions. There may be advisor at your hospital, cancer centre or available via MacMillan services.

In 2023 we have had more applications than in previous years. From September we have a limited amount of funding remaining, so our remaining budget will be allocated weekly, until we can secure additional funds. We will prioritise and award grants to people who have been diagnosed with primary lung cancer which is currently at stage 4, sometimes called metastatic lung cancer. We cannot cover costs of items that can be funded via social, health or other statutory services such as occupational therapy equipment.

We aim to help as many people as possible by offering some financial help to offset additional costs related to living with lung cancer. We have supported more than 430 people this year so far. Your Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist plays an important role as a “gatekeeper” for our service, helping us ensure funds are used to help people with lung cancer who are most in need of financial support.

The form can be completed by your Lung Cancer Nurse or by a Benefits advisor. On receipt of your submission, we will contact your Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist to endorse your application. Any supporting information provided will inform our decision to offer a grant.  

Each application is assessed individually and all information provided will be fully considered (please see Terms and Conditions).

Terms and Conditions

  1. Any grant awarded will not exceed £150. 
  1. The Fund at its sole discretion reserves the right to question the applicant on the information provided and request further detail from the person endorsing the application, whether by way of a telephone enquiry or written communication. 
  1. The Fund will not award a grant to cover the cost of any medication or hospital treatment of any description. Or to reduce financial debts, other than considering hardship in meeting utility bills. 
  1. Only one award per household will be made. 
  1. The Fund cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for an application lost or delayed by any mail delivery service. 
  1. The money awarded needs to be used for the sole purpose for which the application was made. 
  1. On confirmation of the awarding of a grant, all payments, where possible, will be made directly to the claimant. 
  1. Following the awarding of a grant the Fund will not, without consent, use the applicant’s details for any publicity or show details within any printed matter or online. 
  1. We will include, but will not show individual detail, the total sum of money made available under our patient grant scheme in the Fund’s annual report and accounts. The applicant may however share information about the grant with any parties of their choice. 
  1. The Fund will not enter into any verbal nor written discussions should it decide not award a grant, other than to notify the applicant that they have been unsuccessful. 
  1. All applicants must reside in the United Kingdom and be eligible for NHS treatment. 
  1. The Fund will retain within its secured database details of all grant applications made. Such information will not be disclosed to any third party unless a request is made by an authority entitled to demand the information from the Fund. 
  1. Patient Support Grant applications received are reviewed weekly and notification of either acceptance or rejection will be made in writing 10 days following.