Lung cancer research fellowship

Our Clinical Research Fellowships enable clinical registrars to become national leaders in lung cancer care in the UK. The main focus is to train the fellow in health service research methods, audit/clinical improvement methods and clinical aspects of lung cancer with a view to developing into a knowledgeable advocate for people with lung cancer, who are then able to push forward service improvements effectively.

Our current research fellow, Dr Gavin Jones, has just completed three years as a research fellow supported by Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation at the University of Nottingham.

Dr Gavin Jones, Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham

He recently completed his PhD. His work was titled ‘A systematic review of early and late survival following chemotherapy for small cell lung cancer (SCLC)’ and in June 2019 he presented a summary of his findings at the Alumni Conference held at the Wellcome Collection in London.

Dr Jones’ presentation, ‘Results from an investigation of treatment decisions and survival for individuals with small cell lung cancer’, outlined analyses of treatment administration, 30-day mortality and 1-year survival for people with SCLC.

He described how the standard treatment for SCLC is chemotherapy, with some people eligible to receive radiotherapy.


Dr Jones’ research team:

  • Conducted the largest systematic review of survival within small cell lung cancer
  • Assisted in the appraisal of novel treatments
  • Is one of the first research groups to link these national data to give a comprehensive picture of treatment selection and outcomes for SCLC
  • Demonstrated that [their] audit data can answer clinically relevant questions relating to the treatment and survival of people with SCLC.

Importantly, we have added evidence that can better inform patients and clinicians of the benefits and risks of treatment.

Dr. Gavin Jones, Research Fellow