6th November 2023

AI provider opts for more ‘traditional’ approach to support lung cancer campaign

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A leading provider of AI radiology solutions for the lung cancer pathway has gone ‘back to basics’ in its support of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation’s new awareness campaign.

Netherlands-based company, Aidence, has kindly sponsored the Be Unforgettable radio campaign to help amplify the campaign’s vital messages and reach even more people through the powers of the airwaves.

It is the second year the company has backed the charity’s campaign for lung cancer awareness month. Last year, it sponsored one of the On the Right Path campaign videos which aimed to help people get diagnosed and treated sooner by avoiding common diagnostic hurdles.

This year, the UK’s leading lung cancer charity has launched its Be Unforgettable campaign to challenge dangerous disease misconceptions which can impact on early detection, including nihilistic perceptions, patient stereotyping and symptom confusion.

 “We are so grateful for Aidence’s ongoing support as we once again enter into lung cancer awareness month,” said Paula Chadwick, chief executive of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

There is a lot of synergy between our two organisations. We both want to ensure everyone with lung cancer receives the best possible care they can, as quickly as possible. Our Be Unforgettable campaign plays a huge part in achieving this.

“Far too often, we hear missed opportunities of early detection. A person is too afraid to act on symptoms because they believe lung cancer is nothing but an instant death sentence. Someone not realising what they are experiencing is a sign of lung cancer. Even people thinking lung cancer isn’t something that can even happen to them.

“Be Unforgettable aims to rewrite the narrative around lung cancer. It challenges these dangerous misconceptions and empowers people to self-advocate – to be unforgettable – when seeking out a diagnosis.

“The radio campaign, which Aidence has kindly sponsored, is a traditionally fantastic way for us to communicate these vital message and reach an audience we may not have been able to connect with otherwise.”

Juliana Fernandes is from Aidence. She said: “At Aidence, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to provide lung cancer patients a fighting chance. Roy Castle plays a significant role in our mission by raising disease awareness, supporting people affected by it, and challenging the misconceptions of lung cancer.

The Be Unforgettable campaign is just another flawless example of their work, and we’re thrilled to continue supporting them as much as possible.”

The Be Unforgettable radio campaign takes place on Monday 6th November and features patients Dave Marcus and Spike Elliott, alongside the charity’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Rachel Avery. Clips from the interview will be available on the charity’s website and social media channels.

Aidence have also kindly sponsored part of our Be Unforgettable social media campaign, challenging the so-called lung cancer profile and helping to demonstrate that anyone can be affected by this disease.

For more information about Aidence and its work, please visit https://www.aidence.com/