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We’re proud to produce the only lung cancer magazine in the UK, Inspire. Each issue features inspirational stories, latest lung cancer news, medical and research updates and the work being carried out by Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

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Lung cancer screening – our dedication is paying off

The cover of our 2023 edition showcases our partnership with the NHS and our involvement with the lung health check campaign. The lung health checks have already seen impressive results with 76% of cases caught at stage 1 or 2!

Living shouldn’t be a cost or crisis

The cost of living crisis shouldn’t impact on cancer patients receiving, but it is. However, we are here to help with our patient grants. Andrew Bessant knows this after receiving funding to have a short getaway to boost his mental health! 

There is life after lung cancer

We’ve heard a lot about Covid and it’s impact on lung cancer but for Warren the pandemic proved to be a lifesaver. And with treatment, Warren is back, running, working and travelling!

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