Jeff’s lung health check story

Jeff had no hesitation about going for his lung health check. Having lost his mum and uncle to lung cancer, Jeff wanted to make sure everything was ok. He wasn’t particularly worried about the check as he felt well and was playing football regularly, so when he was told he had lung cancer, it was a complete surprise.

Fortunately, thanks to the lung health check, Jeff’s lung cancer was caught very early. He had surgery and required no further treatment. He is now back playing football, going to the gym and chasing his grandchildren around.

“I made my lung health check appointment as soon as I got my letter – no hesitation – even though I didn’t have any symptoms and hadn’t smoked in eight years. My mum and uncle had both died of lung cancer so I wanted to get checked to make sure I really was as well as I felt.

“The nurse asked me a series of questions over the phone. She then asked if I wanted to have CT scan as I had ticked all the boxes. I agreed and ended up going that afternoon – not because they thought it was urgent, or anything to worry about, they just had a cancellation!

“I’d never had a CT scan before but I wasn’t nervous. I just thought it was a bit of an adventure! A couple of days later, the doctor called and said they had found a little growth in my right lung. I was then sent for a PET scan, which confirmed it was something ‘sinister’. A biopsy then confirmed it was lung cancer.

Everything happened so quickly that I didn’t really have time to think. I was also in shock because I really didn’t think they would find anything because I felt so well.

“The doctors were great. I was told early on that they had caught the cancer early so I could have keyhole surgery. I was only in hospital one night; the day after the operation the consultant came round and said I could go home. I couldn’t believe it, and it’s all because I had that lung check.

“I go to bed at night thinking how lucky I am. I get to watch my grandkids grow up. They are my world, and they love the bones of me too! Had I not had the check, it could have been very different for me and for them.”