Fatima’s lung health check story

Fatima was a little apprehensive about having a lung health check. Her best friend was currently living with stage 4 cancer so she was understandably frightened that they might find something.

Fortunately, Fatima needn’t have worried. After having her lung health check and CT scan, she got the all clear and is now getting back on with her life, safe in the knowledge her lungs are ok.

“When I was invited for the lung health check, tests, I felt quite well. I didn’t have any symptoms so I was a little confused and worried why I had received the invitation. I think when get a letter and it says the word cancer you automatically think the worst, so I was a little scared about going. It didn’t stop me from going through. I realised, as frightening as it was, it was something that needed to be checked.

“The letter said someone would call me on a particular day and at a particular time, and that’s exactly what happened. They asked me general questions about my health, if I smoked, if I had any other conditions or symptoms. I was then sent for CT scan.

I was really surprised the CT scanner was in a supermarket car park! I just presumed I would have to go to the hospital but it made it a lot easier to get to… plus then I could nip to the shop straight after!

“I lay in the CT scan. I couldn’t tell if it was a minute or five minutes. It seemed like ages, but it wasn’t. It was just a couple of minutes. And that was it!

“I got my results a week or so later and everything was fine. I was so happy and really glad I’d gone for the check so I now know my lungs are healthy and I don’t have lung cancer.

“I would encourage anyone who is invited to go and get checked. It is always better to find out because imagine if you don’t go and then are diagnosed with cancer later on. You’ll be left with so much regret when you could have just gone for this quick check.”