Harry’s lung health check story

Like most people, Harry went for his lung health check presuming everything would be fine. He thought he was pretty fit so attended his appointment without any concerns.

Harry went on to be diagnosed with early stage lung cancer, calcification of the heart, a problem with his parotid gland and mild emphysema. He then realised maybe he wasn’t as fit as he thought! Thankfully, he’s now been successfully treated for his lung cancer and his other health issues are under control and managed.

“I first found out about the lung health check on Facebook. I saw that I was the right age and had previously smoked, so thought it was a good idea to get checked out.

I wasn’t worried about anything because I thought I was pretty fit. I looked up the CT scan on YouTube so I knew what to expect and then headed off for the appointment.

“Needless to say, I was shocked to be diagnosed with lung cancer. Fortunately, the PET scan showed it was a small nodule and was contained to my right lung. This was all good news and meant I only needed surgery, not further follow up treatment.

“Frustratingly, I was then diagnosed with Covid a few days before my operation, so it had to be pushed back. This was probably the most anxious of times, waiting to be able to have the surgery. It was rescheduled for six weeks later so I didn’t have too long to wait, which was a relief.

“The main thing I was really concerned about was the size of the operation and how much pain I would be in afterwards. I needn’t have worried though. I had no pain at all. I couldn’t believe it! You just don’t expect to breeze through something like lung cancer but I did and now life is back to normal!