The Let’s Talk about Lung Cancer podcast covers a wide range of topics and subjects. Featuring healthcare professionals and people living with lung cancer, the podcast aims to break down barriers and encourage more open and honest conversations around lung cancer.

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Meet your hosts

Let’s Talk about Lung Cancer is hosted by Lorraine Dallas and Mandee Lucas.

As the Director of Patient Information and Support, Lorraine is passionate about providing accurate and easy-to-understand information to those affected by lung cancer. She is able to translate complicated medical information into a language we can all understand.

In series one, Lorraine spoke to many healthcare professionals including Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist, Laura Swift, about her role in patient care, Chest Surgeon, Alex Brunelli, about the advances in surgery and Consultant Oncologist, Dr David Gilligan, on the hot topic of genetically-driven lung cancers and the importance of biomarker testing.

In series two, Mandee Lucas joined Lorraine as co-host. Having been diagnosed with stage 3a lung cancer in 2017, Mandee has been able to bring her own personal perspective to the podcast, chatting to others affected by the disease on a whole host of subjects – from travelling with lung cancer to the mental battles a diagnosis can have.

Available episodes

Series two

  • Episode 1: Hello Mandee!
  • Episode 2: Life on a watch and watch regime, featuring Kerrie Mitchell
  • Episode 3: Travelling with lung cancer, featuring Jules Fielder and Nick and Paula Whitehead
  • Episode 4: Loved ones and your diagnosis, featuring Natasha Loveridge
  • Episode 5: Life on different treatments, featuring Andy McKay and Karen Michael
  • Episode 6: Working with lung cancer, featuring Branwen Hywel

Series one

  • Episode 1: Symptoms, diagnosis and tests for lung cancer, featuring Dr David Gilligan
  • Episode 2: Biomarker testing and genetically-driven lung cancers, featuring Dr David Gilligan and Peter Conway
  • Episode 3: Early detection, featuring lung cancer researcher Dr Emma O’Dowd
  • Episode 4: Getting on the right path, featuring Dr Emma O’Dowd, and Senior Nurse Practitioner, Carol Stonham MBE
  • Episode 5: When surgery is an option, featuring Alex Brunelli and Pat Crawford
  • Episode 6: Before and after surgery, featuring Alex Brunelli and Pat Crawford
  • Episode 7: Lung cancer nurse specialists, featuring Laura Swift
  • Episode 8: Series round up


  • National lung cancer screening, featuring Cathy Brokenshire, Sammy Quaife and Professor David Baldwin.
  • World Cancer Day 2023, featuring Jules Fielder and Ian Vizer
  • Four-episode special for Lung cancer awareness month 2022, featuring Jane and Steven Holmes, Dr Chris George, Jules Fielder and Professor Ray Donnelly MBE.

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