Sandra’s lung health check story

When Sandra was first invited for a lung health check, she wondered if she really needed to go. It was Christmas, she was busy and she felt fit and well.

However, Sandra soon realised it was important and made her appointment. And thank goodness she did…

“For a fleeting second, it crossed my mind not to go for my lung health check appointment. Thank goodness I changed my mind!

“It was so easy. My initial appointment was over the phone with a nurse and the CT scan was in a nearby supermarket. It was so convenient and quick – I was in there less than 10 minutes! I actually combined the appointment with my weekly shop!

“I was stunned when I got a call back to say they had found something. I was well and had no symptoms so didn’t think for a second anything would be wrong. I had a PET scan and a few days later met with the doctor. They told me I had very early stage lung cancer and would need surgery to remove it.

Because it was caught so early, I could have keyhole surgery, which was a huge relief. I had the operation on 23rd March and was back home in time for Mother’s Day a few days later.

Less than a week after the surgery, I went out to the local pub for a meal with my daughter which is incredible. To look at me, I don’t think anyone would know I had had lung cancer or an operation less than a week earlier!

“We went on holiday seven weeks later. I would never think this would have been possible, not with something like lung cancer but that was my experience and it’s thanks to that simple, convenient check up.”