Will writing service

Making a Will is one of those things we tend to put off, something we really don’t want to think about. However, it is really important to have a Will to ensure our loved ones are protected and provided for and save them from additional stress.

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation would always recommend that you should consult a solicitor or specialist Estate planner in order to discuss your particular requirements in detail. We do however recognise that for some, this may not be possible, whether this is because of time constraints or for cost reasons.

In order to provide as wide a choice as possible, we have partnered with two online Will writing services; Guardian Angels who offer a free Will online writing service for basic Wills in England and Wales and Jones Whyte Solicitors who offer a free online Will writing service for basic Wills for England, Wales and Scotland supporters through their subsidiary ‘Wellington Wills’.

Guardian Angels and Jones Whyte Solicitors also offer a more in-depth service for those needing more specialist advice which will not be free for supporters but they aim to offer good value for money so our supporters can rest a little easier in the knowledge loved ones are protected and provided for – whatever lies ahead.

To get started with your free Will, please click here to register with Guardian Angels (England and Wales).

To register with Jones Whyte Solicitors who offer a Free Will service through Wellington Wills (England, Wales and Scotland), click here and enter the code FREEWILL21 to waive the fee. Visit Jones Whyte Solicitors to find out more about the service provided.

McClure Solicitors

Our charity had a very successful partnership with McClure Solicitors for several years but this unfortunately came to an end earlier this year when they ceased trading as a result of the problems caused by trading restrictions with the pandemic that severely affected their ability to continue their business effectively. Whilst this was really sad news for the charity as McClure solicitors had been such a fantastic partner which helped many supporters and patients over the years in providing a high quality, solicitor led Free Will service, the good news is that the firm was taken over by Jones Whyte LLP This means that the Wills that were previously stored by McClure Solicitors at their Glasgow office are now  safely stored with Jones Whyte LLP and are accessible through them as and when required. To contact Jones Whyte with queries relating to your stored McClure Will, please contact them on 0141 736 0020 or email on Please note that Jones Whyte are unable to provide a free Will review service that used to be offered by McClure solicitors.

Reasons for doing a Will

Many people believe they do not need to make a Will, that what they have will automatically pass to their nearest and dearest. Sadly, this is not the case and can mean that loved ones, even partners, children and grandchildren, may not receive what you would have wanted.

The only way to ensure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes is to make a Will.

There are many reasons people put off writing a Will:

  • I’m too busy
  • It’s too expensive
  • I don’t like thinking about death
  • It’s tempting fate
  • I might change my mind.

As recent events have shown, no one knows what lies ahead so it is important to have a Will now and not put it off.

Nobody likes to think about death, but the fact is that we are all going to die one day! By sorting your Will out now means you can then just concentrate on other, more positive things safe in the knowledge your loved ones are protected.

If you already have a Will, it is important to regularly check and update your Will as your circumstances may have changed.

Remember that doing a Will is important for when you die but you should also consider doing a Lasting Power of Attorney to make sure that someone you trust can deal with your affairs should you become incapacitated whilst you are still alive.

Common myths about Wills

‘The Law means that it will go to my children anyway’

If you don’t do a Will, your family will have to apply for Letters of Administration before they can deal with your estate.

This can be a long and onerous process and can cause an unnecessary additional workload and stress on the family at a time when they are already grieving.

In addition to this, if you have stepchildren and don’t make a Will, they are not eligible to inherit anything under intestacy laws.

‘I don’t need a Will as it will all go to my ‘common law‘ partner.’

This is a very common myth. There is no such thing as ‘Common Law‘, so if you die without a Will, the laws of intestacy would only look at a legal spouse for inheritance. This means your partner could find themselves in a position where they may lose out altogether. They may even be made homeless if the property is just in your name, or be forced into an expensive legal battle which they have no guarantee of winning .

My family will sort everything between them when I go’ 

Sadly, many families fall out after a loved one’s death, if a Will has not been made as they can have different ideas on what your wishes were. This can cause unnecessary rifts and bad feeling at a time when they need each other the most.

‘I’ve got nothing to leave’

Many people assume they don’t have anything to leave, but when you add up the value of your assets, you may be surprised. For example, if you have a mortgage, this may be paid off through a life insurance policy which would mean the value of your estate is much greater than you think.

Having a Will is very important if you have children under 18, even if your estate value is low, as it will enable you to appoint guardians to look after them should anything happen to you.

‘I’m too young to have a Will’

Unfortunately, as recent events have shown, nobody can predict what might be around the corner, so adults of any age who have assets or children under 18 need to make a Will.

‘My friend / partner / family member / godparents will look after my kids if I die’

A Will gives you the opportunity to name those that you would want to be guardians for your children in the event of your death. Without this, a judge may pick guardians that you may not have wanted. Godparents have no legal rights.

‘I can just write out a Will myself’

It is true that you can use an off the shelf Will kit or even try to draft your own. However, there is a risk that it will be declared invalid e.g. it was not correctly signed, not dated or allow those you chose to leave out to challenge its validity because you have not had the benefit of the legal knowledge and advice to protect you.

How can I use the service and make a free Will?

To take advantage of the free online Wills service, for supporters in England and Wales simply click here.

For those in Scotland please click here.

Leaving a Legacy

As you complete your instructions, you will be asked if you would like to leave a gift to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. You are under no obligation to do so, and you will not be pressurised to do so.

Gifts left in Wills account for a third of our fundraising income and they are an important way of funding our activities. Just 1% (or more if your circumstances allow) will help us in the fight against lung cancer including:

  • Research into improving early detection of lung cancer and the patient experience.
  • Patient support activities including free telephone helpline, a network of nurse led patient support groups, a dedicated online forum, a range of information materials and financial grants to lung cancer patients.
  • Awareness campaigns highlighting the early signs and symptoms of lung cancer so that more people are diagnosed sooner and receive effective treatment, ultimately saving lives.

To get started with your free Will, please click here to register with Guardian Angels (England and Wales).

To register with Jones Whyte Solicitors who offer a Free Will service through Wellington Wills (England, Wales and Scotland), click here and enter the code FREEWILL21 to waive the fee.

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