Funeral donations

We understand that the current restrictions may mean that you can’t give your loved one the traditional funeral or ‘send off’ that you would like.

With restriction on numbers of those who can attend a funeral, including family and friends can be difficult.  This is why we have created a dedicated page, through our website, to pay tribute to your loved one, share details of their funeral or service and collect donations should you wish.  The page can be customised with photographs, details of the funeral and any special requests such as donations to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. 

The page is very quick and easy to set up and can be shared with family and friends so that everyone gets the chance to share their thoughts and memories and to make a donation should they wish.

Nick Juby’s family set up a tribute fund dedicted in his memory

Create an online tribute page

Funeral Envelopes

We can also offer you personalised envelopes for funeral donations. These envelopes contain Gift Aid information meaning that for every £1 we’ll receive an extra 25% from UK eligible taxpayers making donations in memory of your loved ones go even further.

Paying your money in

After the funeral, please forward the collection envelopes and any cheques directly to the charity. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation’. We do not advise sending cash by post, so please write a cheque to cover the total amount of any cash donations. Our address is:

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
Cotton Exchange Building, Old Hall Street
Liverpool L3 9LQ

We hope it brings you some comfort to know that by supporting Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation through donations in memory you will be supporting those affected by lung cancer.  People like Vicky.

Vicky, along with her husband, is living with incurable cancer. She has been receiving treatment for the last three years, but her disease has spread, and she couldn’t access the only other treatment that might help.

Her sister, Alison, called our nurse-led helpline for advice. Armed with the necessary information, Vicky has now been given access to a new treatment, which could give her more time with her three children.

With so much anxiety and uncertainty, calls to our helpline have increased by 56% during the coronavirus pandemic. Your support means we can continue to support those who need us, just like Vicky did.

Are you a Funeral Director?

If you are a Funeral Director looking for information on how to arrange a collection for a client, please click here.