Funeral donations

A memorial service is a special time for friends and family to come together to commemorate the life of someone who will be dearly missed.  Leaving a lasting gift in memory is a meaningful way to honour them and we appreciate the sentiment that it comes with.

Create a Funeral Notice on your Lasting Tribute page

A Lasting Tribute page is an online story book for your loved one, where you can share photos, memories and pay tribute to their life. You can also use it to collect funeral donations, by setting up a funeral notice or event on your loved one’s page and inviting family and friends to donate.

You can begin setting up your Lasting Tribute by simply entering your loved one’s name below or contact our friendly team at inmemory@roycastle.org who would be happy to do this on your behalf.

Request Funeral Envelopes

We can also offer personalised envelopes with the name of your loved one for funeral donations. These envelopes contain Gift Aid information meaning that for every £1 we’ll receive an extra 25% from UK eligible taxpayers making donations in memory of your loved ones go even further.

Paying in donations

If you have already arranged a funeral collection and want to know how to pay the money in, we have several options:

Cheques which have been made out to ‘Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation’ can be forwarded directly to:

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation,
The Cotton Exchange Building,
Old Hall Street,
L3 9LQ

We kindly ask families to bank any cash donations themselves and to raise a cheque made out to ‘Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation’. We do not recommend sending cash via the post. If the donations are from filled in Gift Aid envelopes, please send the envelope with the amount written on it and bank the cash.

When sending cheques, we kindly ask you to enclose a brief note, to notify us of your loved one’s name and that the money was raised at their funeral. You can also make your donation online via our donation form. Please specify that the gift is in memory of your loved one and raised as a funeral collection.

We are always here to help

If you have questions about arranging a funeral collection or paying in a donation, email our friendly team at inmemory@roycastle.org.

How your funeral collection helps…

We hope it brings you some comfort to know that by supporting Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation through donations in memory you will be supporting those affected by lung cancer.  People like Vicky.

Vicky, along with her husband, is living with incurable cancer. She has been receiving treatment for the last three years, but her disease has spread, and she couldn’t access the only other treatment that might help.

Her sister, Alison, called our nurse-led helpline for advice. Armed with the necessary information, Vicky has now been given access to a new treatment, which could give her more time with her three children.

Your support means we can continue to support those who need us, just like Vicky did.