Keep in Touch Support Service

Our Keep in Touch Service is an opportunity to receive regular one-to-one phone support. It is available for those with a lung cancer diagnosis as well as those caring for someone with a diagnosis.

The service started as a way of offering support to those with lung cancer shielding as a result of covid-19. The service has been valued by patients and carers who are isolated, adjusting to diagnosis and treatment impact and would like regular contact with Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. This service now forms part of our ongoing information and support for people.

The charity’s Keep in Touch service was a godsend to me – especially during lockdown. Living on my own and being ‘high risk’ meant I had no physical contact with anyone, including my family. My weekly chats to Elizabeth kept me sane in those crazy times. To have someone to share concerns with, who could also offer practical support, was invaluable to me.

Having lung cancer can present significant psychological as well as physical challenges, we are here to help you meet those challenges in the best way you can. Having a private, safe, independent and confidential space to speak to a member of our team on a regular basis can help support you in navigating your experience.

How does it work?

The service is free, confidential and led by staff who work for the charity.

You will be assigned a member of the team. They will arrange to give a call at an agreed time. Calls are fortnightly and we are currently able to offer 12 sessions.

If you need clinical or practical support you would be put in touch with other services, with your permission.

How do I get in touch

If you or someone you care for wishes to use the service, please contact our Information and Support Team on 0800 358 7200, email info@roycastle.org or complete the form below.

We will ask a few questions about you, your experience of lung cancer and obtain permission to contact you.

If you are a Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist and would like to refer someone interested in using the service, please click here.