Fundraising ideas A-Z

There are so many ways to fundraise for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation – that don’t involve running a marathon! Choose your perfect fundraiser from our A-Z list below.

A: Alcohol-free zone

That’s right. No lager. No wine. Not even a shandy. But don’t worry, it’ll all be worth it, as you’ll be swapping those pints for pounds as you raise plenty of cash and feel fabulous in the process.

B: Brave enough to shave?

Do something amazing. Whatever your reason for shaving your hair off, whoever you do it for, you’ll be helping Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation support even more people living with lung cancer.

C: Coffee and cake

Join thousands of people across the country and have a day to remember with friends and colleagues. From savoury snacks to sweet treats, make it your own.

D: Do something extra special on your birthday

Swap presents for donations to mark your special occasions. Facebook makes it super easy for you to use your birthday to raise money for a cause that’s important to you.

E: eBay your stuff

Sell all your unwanted items online, whether that be C.Ds, books or clothes and either donate the money or a proportion of the money to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

F: Film night

Combine everything you love about the cinema with the comfort of your home with a film night! Raise funds by selling sweet and savoury snacks to your loved ones.

G: Give up social media

An easy idea but harder than you think to do. Get sponsors to give up your social media for a day, week or even a month!

H: Hero day

Dress up for a great cause and make a donation to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Whether you become Superman, Bobby Moore, Marilyn Monroe or even Darth Vader for the day, your snazzy style could really make a difference.

I: Indoor games

Calling all gamers, time to put your skills to the test with a video game tournament. Simply choose your game, gather your friends and ask each for a donation to take part.

J: JustGiving

Already thought of a fundraising idea and want to get your friends and family to sponsor you? Head over to JustGiving and create your account for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

K: Karaoke night

Sing it loud and sing it proud with a karaoke night and become your ideal, whether that be Madonna, Tina or even The King himself. The choice is yours. Just be careful on those high notes.

L: Learn a new skill

There’s always something you wish to take up, whether that be dance, a musical instrument, sport or even magic and now is your chance. Get sponsored to learn that skill you’ve always promised to master and put on a show.

M: Makeover

Go glamourous with a makeover fundraiser! Get your hair, nails and make-up done by your friends in exchange for a donation.

N: Name the teddy bear

Go cute with a teddy bear fundraiser! Simply name the bear, keep it secret and create a list of names. Charge each person £1 to play with a chance of winning the cuddly critter. It’s so easy it’s child’s play.

O: Online shopping

Grab a bargain online with Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. We have a fantastic selection of new and pre-loved goods to snap up, simply head over to our online shop to show your support.

P: Photo competition

Put your photography to the test with a photo competition. You could even add a theme, whether you go silly with lunchtime larks or more refined with the best scenery snap. Get picture perfect and ask each person taking part to make a donation.

Q: Quizmaster at Castle’s Clever Clogs

Become the ultimate quizmaster with our Castle’s Clever Clogs quiz. Download our free quiz pack, pick a night and invite all to play – simply ask for a small donation to take part.

R: Retail therapy

Sacrifice three luxury items from your weekly shop and donate the money you save. It’s super easy to do and you could always turn it into a challenge with friends and family to see who donates the most.

S: Skip it out

Go back to your school days and challenge yourself to a skip-athon in aid of all those affected by lung cancer.

T: Table tennis tournament.

Edge out the competition and show off your table tennis skills! Simply ask all those taking part to donate a fee to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

U: Ugly jumpers

School corridors, shop and office floors are often a catwalk. Flip this on its head and ask your pupils or colleagues to don their most tragic jumpers. Prizes for the best (or worst).

V: Volunteer

Spare a few hours of your time either in our stores or at any of our events or fundraisers. Becoming a volunteer not only gives you the opportunity meet new friends and our team but to also make a huge difference.

W: Wine and cheese evening

Dust off your hosting skills, go crackers and raise vital funds with a wine and cheese evening. Whether it’s Blue Nun with Dairylea or a fruity port with Danish Blue, hosting a wine and cheese evening is really easy.

X: Xmas costumes

Get into the festive spirit and don your very best (or worst) Christmas attire. Make it more interesting with prizes for the best dressed team or individual. Alternatively, you could host a Christmas decorating competition.

Y: Your Way

None of the above tickle your fancy? Then raise money your way for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and simply email the team at community@roycastle.org to let us know!

Z: Zoom

Virtually connect from the comfort of your home and do what you love with everyone joining making a small donation to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.