Information days

We are proud to host lung cancer information days across the UK, offering support and information to anyone affected by lung cancer.

lung cancer information days

These free to attend information days provide patients and their families with the opportunity to hear from lung cancer professionals such as oncologists, thoracic surgeons and lung cancer nurses. You will also have the chance to ask questions as well as share your experiences with other lung cancer patients and carers.

“Lung cancer information days offer more time for people to get much more information, not just from one specialist but from numerous specialists that may be involved in their care.”

Martin Chamberlain, Chest Surgeon Southampton

What happens at a lung cancer information day?

Each lung cancer information day features local healthcare professionals presenting the very latest updates on lung cancer treatments. We often also invite other professionals such as physiotherapists and nutritionists who can provide details on how best to live with lung cancer. Patient advocates also regularly attend to share their experience of lung cancer, the treatments they have had and how they have coped with their diagnosis.

There will also be refreshments provided, opportunities to ask questions and chat to fellow attendees.

“It’s very helpful meeting other people who are suffering from a similar disease but possibly being treated differently, how they manage and what things they find help them enjoy life. The opportunity to share is very important. We don’t talk about lung cancer enough.”

Peter, living with lung cancer

Our first event of 2023 will be in Oxford on Monday 20th March. We will also be running more events throughout the year and are working hard to confirm these locations as soon as possible.

If you are interested in attending our information days, or if you would be interested in speaking at an event, please contact our Lung Cancer Information Support Services team on 0333 323 7200.