When it comes to lung cancer, there is a belief that it can only affect certain people. The reality is, though, lung cancer is a disease which can affect anyone, and this dangerous misconceptions is resulting in late diagnosis and costing people their lives.

Like Me looks to challenge the misconceptions around lung cancer, increase awareness and improve early detection.

Initially focusing on women under 50, Like Me is a stark reminder that no one is immune from lung cancer.

Because lung cancer can affect anyone. It can affect people like you. It can affect people like me.

Did you know that lung cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in women aged 25-49? I didn’t, and I’m 29. That’s my age group. Just learned that here, where you can read the personal stories of some amazing female lung cancer patients.

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Lung cancer symptoms

Nearly 20% of people in the UK cannot name a symptom of lung cancer. We want everyone to be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of lung cancer as readily as they can for other cancers.

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Fantastic campaign, thank you. Awareness is definitely lacking as I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer just before Christmas. As a 44 year old non-smoker, it wasn’t something I ever thought would happen to me.

Cancer can be a very lonely and frightening place, regardless of how much support you have. If any of the women in this video, or anyone in the same position as me, would like to get in touch I’d like to share experiences and hopefully help each other through this.

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Support the Like Me campaign

Help us challenge the misconceptions around lung cancer. Download the Like Me posters and leaflets and distribute them in your local area.

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Share your story

Help us raise awareness as to who lung cancer can affect by sharing your story with us.

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If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer, we are here to support you. From our Ask the Nurse service to our information days, online forum, literature and support groups, we have support available that works for you.