There are many misconceptions surrounding lung cancer. Dangerous misconceptions that can prevent someone from being diagnosed early.

Be Unforgettable aims to challenge these misconceptions by encouraging people to forget everything you think you know about lung cancer.

By dispelling these common misbeliefs, people experiencing symptoms can be empowered to push for a thorough investigation and speed up diagnosis and treatment.

By challenging these misconceptions, they can
Be Unforgettable.


People fear lung cancer because they believe that it is nothing other than an instant death sentence. This lot prove otherwise…

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Think lung cancer only affects older people who have smoked, or worked in a certain occupation. Think again…

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My last visit with my oncologist was in 2002. They told me I no longer had cancer and they didn’t want to see me again! And I haven’t seen them since!

Bill, diagnosed with lung cancer in 2002

Challenging symptom confusion

It is often difficult to identify symptoms of lung cancer. Respiratory-based symptoms like a persistent cough and chest infections are easily attributed to common winter bugs. whilst less common symptoms like shoulder pain or finger clubbing aren’t commonly recognised as potential warning signs. As part of the Be Unforgettable campaign, we’re demystifying symptoms and empowering people to act.

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Challenging symptom confusion

It’s my hope that by sharing my experience could make someone more aware than I was that lung cancer could be a possibility and that they will then push and make sure it’s investigated properly.

Petra’s only symptom was shoulder pain

We all kept coming back to the fact that I didn’t fit ‘the profile’. I am not who you expect to be a lung cancer patient. I was mountain biking and doing a lot of hiking. I rocked climbed and did yoga. I ate a predominately plant-based diet and was a non-smoker.

Natasha was 49 when she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer

Let’s Talk Lung Cancer Roadshow

Throughout November, we will be touring the country to raise awareness of lung cancer and dispel the common misconceptions of the disease. From Middlesbrough to Bournemouth and many stops inbetween, we’re proud to be working with NHS England to spread these vital and potentially life saving messages.

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Let's Talk Lung Cancer Roadshow


Help us tell people they’re wrong on social media by sharing our Be Unforgettable campaign assets. Check out all our social graphics including videos, images and messages and let’s dispel those dangerous misconceptions.

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Awareness pack

As well as sharing the Be Unforgettable campaign online, you can also request an awareness pack with campaign posters and flyers to distribute in your local area. After all, the more places we share it, the less forgettable it becomes!

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Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation would like to thank our corporate partners Irwin Mitchell, Aidence and Janssen for sponsoring elements of the Be Unforgettable campaign.