It’s Lung Cancer awareness month

…and it’s time to find a better way to talk about lung cancer. We need to listen carefully to what people with lung cancer say and take cues from them to avoid making crass or hurtful comments. Because people living with lung cancer need comfort, not awkwardness. They need sincerity, not platitudes. They need support, not judgement. So here’s how we’ll proceed. Follow my Lead.

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The official Follow my Lead guide

Our Follow my Lead campaign aimed to help improve the conversations around lung cancer. So we spoke to those who knew – people living with the disease – and asked them what helps and what doesn’t when it comes to talking about lung cancer.

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I am living with cancer or I am a cancer patient, I am not a warrior. I am surviving cancer, but not a cancer survivor. But I prefer the people who are brave enough to speak to me, even if they say words I don’t like than the people who avoid me.

Andy, living with lung cancer

Even though people say things they think are positive and I know are meant well, I don’t feel like a warrior or a ninja. I’m just getting on with living as well as I can for as long as I can. Hoping every day for more time. I smile when these comments are made so people don’t feel bad.

Vicky, living with lung cancer

10 practical ways to support someone with lung cancer

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. If you are stuck for something to say, here are some ways others have shown they care.

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Sophie Sabbage joins the Follow my Lead campaign

If the way I live with my cancer inspires others to have a positive attitude to life with cancer then I am happy to be referred to as ‘inspirational’.

Andy, living with lung cancer

“I’m here if you need anything”

People living with lung cancer share the best thing someone has said to them since their diagnosis.

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Spread the word

Help us improve the conversations around lung cancer. Order your awareness pack and let’s start chatting…

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I don’t like to associate cancer with being a battle as somehow the connotation is that if you don’t like then you didn’t ‘fight’ hard enough, and that just doesn’t follow.

Jane, living with lung cancer

General phrases are sometimes not welcome as people are individuals and don’t want to be labelled by cancer. Every story is different.

Ruthra, underwent surgery in 2019

Whatever your story, we are here to support you as you live with lung cancer.