Lasting Tribute

A Lasting Tribute is your loved one’s story book – an online space to cherish, remember and celebrate the life of your loved one.

Your Lasting Tribute can be used to share memories, post pictures, light virtual candles, host events and mark milestones and anniversaries. A Lasting Tribute can be made private or public at any time, so friends and family can contribute via a personalised link. It is a place to bring loved ones together to remember someone special, a source of comfort where memories can live on.

Setting up a Lasting Tribute for Nick was so easy to do and I actually really enjoyed it, looking back at all our old photos and conjuring up memories momentarily forgotten. It is also lovely to read the tributes and look at the pictures others have shared, not just for me but for our daughter, Isabel, and other family members too.

Fiona Juby set up a Lasting Tribute for her husband, Nick

Setting up a Lasting Tribute is easy. Simply enter the name of your loved one below or get in touch with one of our team by emailing inmemory@roycastle.org.

Lasting Tribute set up features

Share pictures

Create a shared family photo album by uploading photographs to your Lasting Tribute gallery. Remember beautiful memories in one place and encourage others to share their photos too.

Light a candle

Pay tribute on important milestones and anniversaries by lighting a virtual candle which can burn in remembrance for days, weeks or even years.

Add a thought or memory

Share stories of your loved one and encourage others to do the same, so you have a collection of happy memories to look through.

Collect donations in memory of your loved one from friends and family.

Create an event

Taking on a challenge or hosting an event to fundraise in memory of your loved one? Create an event on their Lasting Tribute to collect donations and keep track of how much you have raised.

Funeral Notice

Share the details of your loved one’s funeral by creating a funeral notice on their page so friends and family know when and where to celebrate their life. You can also use your Lasting Tribute page to collect donations in lieu of flowers if you wish.

We’re here to help

As a small thank you for setting up your page, we will send you our Lasting Tribute Welcome Pack. Along with a guide taking you through every step of your page, you will receive a RCLCF pin badge and customised bookmark as a keepsake so you can keep your loved one be close.

If you would like help with your Tribute Fund, we are always here to help. Email our team at inmemory@roycastle.org and we can assist with:

  • Setting up your Lasting Tribute
  • How to use all elements and features of your Tribute, including adding photos, thoughts and candles
  • How to share or make your page private
  • Resending your log in details if required
  • Adding offline donations

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