Spot the Symptoms

There are many different symptoms of lung cancer, some you’re familiar with like a persistent cough or breathlessness and others you maybe aren’t aware of such as finger clubbing and shoulder pain. Make sure you can recognise all the potential symptoms and take action as soon as you spot them.

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Covid-19 vaccination

Many people with lung cancer are being offered a third Covid-19 vaccination to ensure they have a similar level of protection from covid-19 infection as healthy people who had 2 doses.

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I think most people would know breathlessness would be symptom, and a cough but I didn’t know that having a bad back can be a sign of lung cancer. I’d got no idea of that.

Michelle, diagnosed with lung cancer in 2018


Lung cancer has still not recovered from the pandemic. There are thousands of missing lung cancer patients. Some, sadly, will have already died. Others, though, still have the chance of diagnosis and treatment, but we need to help them. We need to help them knows symptoms are in fact symptoms. We need to help them feel able to go to their GP and give them the information they need to be referred as quickly as possible. We need to support them through diagnosis and treatment. But this is no easy feat. We need your support so we can spread these vital messages to as many people as possible.

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Nicky on the helpline was my rock and her advice was nothing short of brilliant. No internet search would have come up with her answers but, more importantly, no internet search would have provided me with the amount of encouragement, calm and level-headedness that Nicky did.

Larissa, Ask the Nurse service user


“I was just constantly tired. More tired than I knew I should be but I was very reluctant to go to the doctor because it just felt so trivial. There’s lots of people who are really ill going to the doctor and I just thought I’m wasting their time. However, this was so unusual for me, I had to do something.”

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I was scared to go to the doctor with my cough and wheeze. I was aware that all this smoking I had done previously wasn’t good for me, so I knew it was likely to be bad news. But at the same time, I knew I had to go. I couldn’t delay any longer and just get it out of the way – one way or another.

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