14th February 2023

Alice’s volunteering story

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Alice is a big supporter of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. From highlighting our research at her school’s science fair to donating some of her Christmas card money, Alice does everything she can to help. And now she’s joining our London Marathon team to cheer on runners at this year’s event.

Alice wrote a report this week for her teacher about volunteering for our charity and has kindly shared it with us.

Today I received some really exciting news… 

“It was confirmed that I will be volunteering for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation at the London Marathon in April.  I will be stationed at mile 22 with other volunteers and will be wearing the very cool, distinctive vibrant blue Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation t-shirts and will have banners and megaphones to cheer on the amazing runners. 

“I’ve never seen the London Marathon live so it should be a memorable day with an electric atmosphere!  

“I was looking for a way to volunteer for this fantastic charity that supports everyone affected by lung cancer. They raise awareness, offer excellent support, and share information challenging the misconceptions of lung cancer.

“Sadly, I have experience of lung cancer in my family.  After my nanny passed away, I contacted Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation for information and that’s when I decided I wanted to be a supporter. At Christmas I donated my pocket money to them and I contacted them to see if I can volunteer in any way.  That is how my London Marathon adventure began. I plan to continue raising funds for this charity and volunteering as often as possible. 

I am proud to be able to fundraise and offer my time to this extremely important and worthwhile cause.  I hope to be a research scientist or something in that field in the future.  I’m hopeful and optimistic that a cure for all cancers is on the horizon and I would love to be a part of that discovery in some way.  

Something else that makes me proud is that I’m encouraging friends to join my charity and volunteering efforts. This helps my friends understand more about charities and what they do and they also feel proud to make a difference, as I do. 

“Even if you can’t make big donations or give up a lot of time, every little thing you do makes a big difference and is really appreciated.  In 2022 I visited two great Cancer exhibitions in London and I research regularly.  

After the London Marathon has taken place, I will share photos and a report with school.”

We can’t wait to see them, Alice! #superstar