10th January 2014

Barbara Gregory

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Carly Gregory lost her mum to lung cancer in 2013. She has kindly offered to share her story with us:

Our amazing, hardworking and dedicated mum, Barbara May Gregory, tragically passed away on the 4th of May 2013, aged only 64, after a hopeless battle with the cruel disease that is lung cancer.

Mum fought bravely but was given no hope and no options of treatment. Lung cancer took our mum so quickly leaving behind a family that loved her so much and her 3 beautiful grandchildren that she will never get to see grow up.

Her struggle was difficult in the last stages of her life leaving a hard lasting memory for those that were there with her at the end.

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is an incredible charity dedicated to raising vital money and awareness in the hope that one day there will be more treatment options and hope for those diagnosed with this terrible disease.

Seeing the hard work the charity is doing brings so much comfort to us for the hope that one day nobody else will have to suffer the way our mum did.