4th October 2019

Ben Davis

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Like many people, Ben began smoking when he was at school over 30 years ago. He says with the help of Quit Support he was able to kick the habit of a lifetime and make some new friends in the process.

Discussing his introduction to smoking, Ben said,

“Like many people my parents smoked, friends at school started smoking. It was almost a coming of age thing. I smoke, I’m an adult now.

I stopped smoking on a whim halfway through a cigarette. I had stopped drinking alcohol a few days earlier and the roll-up tasted disgusting.

After a couple of days I searched online to find out what was happening to my body during the first few days of quitting and came across Quit Support. 

I read a few of the posts and thought this seems helpful. I had never joined any online forum before but I needed to talk about not smoking.

Quitting smoking is traumatic particularly if you go cold turkey. Quit Support has been fantastic because everyone is on the same journey. You can sound off,  have a rant and the reaction is always caring, non-judgemental and positive.

Ben left smoking behind with the help of Quit Support.

Caring is the main feeling I get from Quit Support. The administrators all really care and want everyone to succeed in stopping smoking.

Everyone on Quit Support is in the same boat. Everyone supports each other and everyone knows how it feels to stop.

To know other people are feeling just like you is very comforting. Also to be able to help other people with some kind words and sometimes the blunt fact of this is very unpleasant but it gets better. 

I have stopped smoking many times since I first started over 30 years ago. However I sincerely believe with the continued support of Quit Support this time it’s for real.

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