Early detection saves lives

Lung health checks are being implemented within selected areas of England. If you have invited to a lung health check, here is everything you need to know.

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What are lung health checks

NHS England has confirmed it is rolling out lung health checks across England. But what are lung health checks? Where are these projects and who will they help?

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Lung health checks save lives

We have seen first hand the impact lung health checks are having on early diagnosis. They save lives. Our project in Nottingham saved Bill’s life. It saved Linda’s life.

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If I hadn’t have gone for that scan I could have been dead in a year’s time. Instead, my doctor has now said it’s given me 10 more years of my life.

Bill, diagnosed with early stage lung cancer at our lung health check


If you have been invited to a lung health check, we understand you may feel nervous and apprehensive.

Our video takes you through what happens if you are invited for a CT scan so you can make an informed decision about whether lung cancer screening is right for you.


Linda’s story

Linda went to a lung health check in 2017 where the CT scan showed non-malignant nodules in her right lung. Nine months later, at a follow up scan, those nodules had turn cancerous.

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Bill’s story

Bill was diagnosed with early stage lung cancer throughout our lung health check in Nottingham. He had surgery and his doctor has said it has given him 10 more years of his life.

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Early detection has been at our core since the charity first launched. There is no doubt that this work has played a substantial role in this sizeable investment.

Paula Chadwick, CEO of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation