2nd March 2020

Behind the Scenes: Our Cheadle Store

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It’s National Careers Week so we thought what better time to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes at Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. We are fortunate to have so many fantastic people working at our charity – from scientists to marketers, fundraisers to shop managers – each bringing passion and enthusiasm to their role so we can support everyone affected by lung cancer.

Julie has been working in our Cheadle store for almost 11 years. With 23 years of experience in regional retail management for Arcadia Group, she has a keen eye for detail, strong window displays and exceptional customer service. She shared some of her highlights over the years, the strangest donation and what she loves best about working for our charity:

“We rely on donations from the public. People are so generous with their contributions and, thanks to them, we always have plenty of brilliant stock out on the shop floor. We have had some peculiar donations too. The oddest one has to be a slab of concrete and a bag of hedge trimmings! We couldn’t believe it when we opened that bag!

My position of shop manager for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is a varied role. There’s always something to be getting on with, whether it’s steaming clothes to go out on the shop floor, organising merchandise or, changing window displays.

The main aim is to make sure the shop is well presented, clean and clear to showcase our donated goods and exciting new goods. I also recruit volunteers. Volunteers are such an important part of our work – if we didn’t have them, we simply couldn’t keep the shop doors open.

One of the best bits of my job is chatting to customers and letting them know how their donation or purchase has helped the charity – that’s how working in a charity is different from a high street store, or chain. It means a lot to work for a such a worthwhile cause.

I always try and make sure the customer knows about the work the charity does because, one day, they might need us. Anyone can get lung cancer after all and it brightens my day to hear stories from the public about how we have supported them.

I would highly recommend a career in retail at Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. You get to meet new people and learn so much every day and knowing that the work you are doing can make a difference to people’s lives really gives you job satisfaction.”

Our shops play a vital part in generating funds for lung cancer research and supporting those living with lung cancer.

We have 16 high street shops across the North West and an online shop selling gifts, accessories and cancer care products. 100% of the profits from all sales helping us fund vital lung cancer research.