27th October 2017

Carolyn Tripp

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Carolyn Tripp is a super talented lady. Graduating from Camberwell College of Arts a degree in Ceramics, loves making beautiful things on her beloved potters wheel. After her mum died from lung cancer, she turned to what she loved to raise money to help others affected by lung cancer.

Carolyn’s mum had been diagnosed with lung cancer in January 2016 and was reacting well to treatment. However, despite latest results showing her tumours had shrunk, she took a turn for the worse and died very suddenly.

Carolyn, along with her sister, were devastated yet determined to arrange a funeral fit for their amazing mum.

“It became clear that we wanted the order of service to reflect the wonderful woman we had lost,” Carolyn reflects. “Soon, two pages became 10 with paintings, photos, poems and lyrics and we finally felt we had something fitting.

“Afterwards it felt wrong just to put this memory in a drawer and I decided to see what the illustrations would look like on a mug. I often made mugs for my mum and sister and we enjoyed many cuppas together over the years – always in a bone china mug!”

Carolyn turned to what she loved after her mum passed away from lung cancer.

“I have pledged to donate £2 from every mug sale and I hope whatever I manage to raise will help make a difference.”

You can turn what you love into vital funds for lung cancer research and support too. For help and even more inspiration, or to discuss any ideas you have, please email community@roycastle.org or call our team on 0333 323 7200.