21st June 2024

Corporate partners donate electric van to support life-saving community work

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With air pollution estimated to cause approximately 8 per cent of all lung cancer cases in the UK, it’s vital we all do what we can to minimise our carbon footprint. That’s why we’re so grateful to corporate partners, RSK and Virtus Energy who have donated an electric van (appropriately on Clean Air Day) to support with our community engagement activity.

Chief executive, Paula Chadwick, explains the importance of this work:

“Community engagement is a vital part of our work at Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. It allows us to get into the heart of communities and have much-needed face-to-face conversations about lung cancer. And with a subject matter as sensitive as lung cancer, these personal exchanges are essential.

“Lung cancer isn’t something people like to talk about. There continues to be a lack of awareness of potential symptoms – of which there are many – as well as dangerous misunderstandings around who can get lung cancer.

Community engagement allows us to address individual concerns and anxieties, challenge someone’s misunderstanding around the disease, validate a person’s symptoms and provide advice, support and encouragement to take action.

“But because we want to reach as many people as possible, this means we are travelling a lot. Last year, we ran events that spanned the country – from Middlesborough to Bournemouth – and this year we’re expanding our work to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland too.

“That’s why we are so grateful to RSK and Virtus Energy for donating the electric van – who we affectionately call Ernie – to us permanently so we can continue to deliver this essential work across the UK.

“Whilst we will never be able to truly measure the success of this activity, I know we are saving lives.”

Over the last two years, the charity has run multiple community-based events, with locations including Liverpool, York, Birmingham, Manchester, Swindon and Kent. It has also forged a close partnership with NHS England to increase uptake of the targeted lung health check programmes and improve overall awareness and understanding of lung cancer and its symptoms.

James Varney, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Virtus Energy, said:

“Virtus Energy is a B Corp certified business that is committed to supporting organisations to deliver their sustainability commitments. We are proud to donate one of our own company vehicles to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation to assist them in reducing their carbon footprint whilst delivering their Let’s Talk About Lung Cancer roadshow events.

“In addition to the van, we are also offering electric vehicle drivers an opportunity to order an EV charger install, via the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation affiliate page, and in return a tree will be planted and £50 will be donated to the charity for each installation (offer applies to England and Wales only).”