We want to assure anyone affected by lung cancer that we are still here to provide help, support and advice to anyone who needs it. We are working with Public Health, the NHS and other cancer charities to ensure you have the very latest news and advice, as well as tips on how to cope with the situation, especially if you or a loved one is living with lung cancer.

Our Ask the Nurse helpline is still open, answering your questions on anything about lung cancer, as is our online forum and our information booklets are free to download from our website.

However, in order to continue to support those affected, we need your help too.

With major events cancelled and social distancing putting a stop to traditional fundraising, we need to get creative and find new ways of raising money to ensure we can continue to support and protect people with lung cancer during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

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Information for lung cancer patients

Access all the latest information and advice when living with lung cancer during the coronavirus pandemic, including access to treatment, managing anxiety and reducing your risk.

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Fundraising during coronavirus

We need your help more than ever. Please help us support people with lung cancer during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. It’s time to pull together and get creative!

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Help and Support during the coronavirus pandemic

Our Ask the Nurse service is still running. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call them on 0800 358 7200 or email lungcancerhelp@roycastle.org. You can also chat directly to other people affected by lung cancer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on our lung cancer forum as well as access and download all our literature.

Unfortunately, we have had to postpone our information days and stop our support groups. We are currently looking at ways in which we can offer these services online and/or by telephone.