7th March 2023

Danielle’s London Marathon story

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London Marathon runner Danielle Durie is travelling 3,567 miles from Northeast Pennsylvania, to complete in this years’ race in honour and memory of her friend Sara who died from lung cancer in 2020. It was a dream for the pair to run together, now Danielle is doing it for her!  

“I usually run for myself, but this time I’m running for Sara. Before she was diagnosed, we always entered the marathon lottery but were never successful.  

We had so many conversations on how it would be great to run the London Marathon together but unfortunately, she never got the chance, which is why I’m running it for her.”

The London Marathon

“I’m nervous and excited about the London Marathon. I’m fortunate to be running with my best friend and I’ll also have my wonderful husband Craig and two daughters who never waver in their support.  

My ultimate goal is to complete all the Abbott World Major Marathons, I’ve done New York, Berlin (twice) and Chicago, now for London. 

In the last few months, I’ve been training hard with the help of my online running coach. A big difference this year is the strength training in addition to running, I’ve always neglected it in the past, but I think it’s really helping.  

The next few months I’ll keep pushing on and I can’t wait for the date to come and to see more of London on foot.” 

My reason for supporting Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

“The London Marathon is an opportunity to fundraise for a charity that actively supports research into early detection. It’s key to helping others have a better outcome if lung cancer can be caught earlier.  

Unfortunately for Sara, hers was late stage and it took several months for her to receive a lung cancer diagnosis. She’d been undergoing tests for abdominal pain when a scan revealed a mass near her lungs and when tested revealed her cancer. By this point it had spread to her brain.  

She bravely faced chemotherapy and radiotherapy while continuing to work and run races but in March 2020 she died from lung cancer.  

I know every little amount counts, and I hope to make a small impact in Sara’s memory.”

Crossing the finish line will be more emotional than any other race I’ve completed. But it will be worth it.

To support Danielle, visit her Just Giving page here.