Kilimanjaro Trek

Kilimanjaro Trek

Registration fee: £299 Minimum sponsorship: £0 - £5,400
22nd June 2023 Africa

It is a magnet for trekkers the world over and one of the most impressive charity events on offer.

This trek follows the beautiful Machame Route, approaching Kilimanjaro from the south. The route has been designed allowing gradual acclimatisation to the altitude – with an extra day included from the more traditional Machame Route, this gives us the platform for summit success. With our exceptional support and care combined with highly trained leaders and medics, you will achieve and conquer the toughest of treks together as one.

This trek takes you through dense tropical rainforest, moorland and scree until we reach Uhuru Peak, the highest point. This is one of the most challenging charity treks at altitude, climbing one of the most impressive mountains in the world. On reaching the summit you will feel a sense of overwhelming achievement – a truly unforgettable charity challenge with exceptional support and encouragement.

To register your place on the trip of a lifetime, choose from the dates available and click through to sign up with our partners Global Adventure Challenges.

Challenge Itinerary

  • Challenge Duration: 11 days
  • Activity Duration: 7 days
  • Challenge Distance: 66km (approx.)
  • Challenge Grading: Extreme
  • Accommodation Type: Hotels & Camping

Registration and fundraising options

Payment Options

Registration Fee £299 + Min Sponsorship £5,400 + Airport Tax and Fuel Surcharge Contribution: £250

Registration Fee £299 + Self Funding £2,700 + Airport Tax and Fuel Surcharge Contribution: £250

Event dates

There are a number of dates available for the Kilimanjaro Trek, with the option to fundraise or self fund your adventure. Click the tabs above for a price breakdown.

  • 22nd June – 2nd July 2023 (Use code KILI75 to save £75 on your registration fee)
  • 14th – 24th September 2023
  • 20th – 30th June 2024 (Use code 24OFF24 to save 24% on your registration fee)
  • 12th – 22nd September (Use code 24OFF24 to save 24% on your registration fee!)

Our fundraising team will be here to support you through your whole fundraising journey.  For more information, please fill in our enquiry form below or email the team at sport@roycastle.org

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