The Big Skydive

The Big Skydive

Registration Fee: £75 Minimum sponsorship: £395
1st June 2024 United Kingdom

Has the thrill of a skydive always been on your bucket list? Fancy freefalling at 120mph? Then join us at one of 20 locations across the UK for The Big Skydive on Saturday 1st June 2024.

The Big Skydive event details

Date: Saturday 1st June 2024
Location: Multiple locations across the whole of the UK
Registration fee: £75
Minimum sponsorship: £395

What is The Big Skydive?

We have partnered with Skyline Events to bring you an amazing skydiving experience like no other.

On Saturday 1st June, supporters will come together simultaneously at 20 airfields across the UK to do a tandem skydive and raise money for those affected by lung cancer.

The Big Skydive is open to anyone aged 16+. No training or prior skydiving experience is needed. All the information is provided by the instructors on site on the day.


Board the aircraft and soar up to 10,000ft feeling every possible emotion – from excited to nervous, determined to terrified!

You’ll then perch through the open door before taking that leap of faith, strapped to your fully qualified, expert instructor. Freefall for around 30-40 seconds at speeds of up to 120mph. There is no other feeling like it!

Canopy Deployed

Skydive and see the world from a different viewpoint

At 5,000ft, your parachute opens and the high-octane thrill of freefalling transcends into someone more relaxed and tranquil. Float through the sky as you slowly descend, taking in this once-in-a-lifetime birds eye view of the world below. You will never experience anything like this again!

The Landing

And you’ve done it! Let the waves of emotion and euphoria course through you as your feet return safely to solid ground.

Skydive landing and a great feeling of pride

Land with a feeling a great pride, knowing you have made a huge difference to people affected by lung cancer. Then cheer on your fellow skydivers and maybe even make a new friend or two, bonding over these shared experiences.

You will then have the opportunity to buy video and photos of your skydive to share and relive this awesome challenge.

Where can I take part in The Big Skydive?

We have 20 locations across the whole of the UK where you can be part of The BIG Skydive 2024.

Find your nearest airfield below and be a parachute for someone diagnosed with lung cancer.

Find your nearest skydive location

Please note, map is approximate and not to scale

Why Skydive for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation?

Being told you have lung cancer is one of the most scariest things you will ever hear. As the UK’s only charity solely dedicated to supporting everyone affected by lung cancer, your support means we can be a parachute for the thousands of people facing this terrifying ordeal.

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation doesn’t just help people who are living with lung cancer. It also helps those who suffer from a broken heart. Fundraising for them has helped me through my grief and allowed me to dance with my angel, my mum.

Bozena skydived in memory of her mum

The money raised from your skydive will help us provide to support to the 48,000 people diagnosed with lung cancer in the UK every year. It will also help us find more ways to diagnose the disease at the earliest opportunity when it easier to treat and even cure.

And we’re here to support you too. Whether you’re jumping in support of a loved one living with lung cancer, flying in their memory, or just want to be part of this adrenaline-fuelled challenge, our sports fundraising team is on hand to help you throughout your whole skydiving experience.

When you sign up, you’ll also receive a free charity t-shirt which we hope you’ll wear with pride as you take on your skydive challenge. You’ll also be introduced to the sports team who will make sure you get everything you want out of this experience and help you raise as much money as possible.

How do I register?

Click our ‘Register now’ button and confirm your place directly with Skyline Skydiving. Registration costs £75, with a minimum sponsorship of £395*. You must be 16 or over to take part in this event. Under 18’s will require parental consent.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the team at sport@roycastle.org.

*Prices may vary depending on your selected airfield