Walk 31 Miles in March

Walk 31 Miles in March

FREE to sign up Raise £80 to receive a medal
1st March 2024 United Kingdom

Walk a mile a day in March and receive a free shirt! If you raise just £80 for people living with lung cancer, you’ll also be rewarded with your own Walk 31 Miles in March medal. 

The beauty of Walk 31 Miles in March is that you can tailor it to suit your lifestyle or schedule, and even kids can get involved! So whether you walk a mile a day, log your distance on the school run or push yourself to hike 31 miles in just one day, 31 Miles in March is perfect no matter your ability level. You can also take on 31 miles alone or as a group, the choice is yours…

Once you sign up for 31 Miles in March, we’ll send out your FREE charity t-shirt! Our team will then be in touch to offer support, guidance and encouragement throughout your challenge. You’ll also gain access to our Walk 31 Miles in March Facebook group, a tracker to help you log your miles, a sponsor form and advice on how to set up a JustGiving account. If you raise just £80, you’ll also receive a Walk 31 Miles in March medal!

Why should you take on Walk 31 Miles in March? 

🍃 You’ll get fresh spring air on your walks

💙 You’ll be a part of something bigger 

🤝 You’ll gain a huge sense of pride knowing that your dedication has helped support someone living with lung cancer

Complete the challenge alone, with friends or even get the family involved! Whether you need to renew your resolutions or push yourself to exercise more this March. Join the 31 Miles in March crew and plan your challenge today…

Fiona’s Miles in March challenge

After finding a tumour on her left upper lobe in August 2021, Fiona Huckyale went through a lobectomy and 18 months of chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Struggling to handle the PTSD and depression that followed her life-changing diagnosis, Fiona has started walking as a means to boost her mental health. She and her partner Fred took on our Miles in March challenge last year and raised £330!

“I did the challenge because I’d just completed 18 months of surgery and treatment for lung cancer. Fred is doing it to support me and to raise funds because if it wasn’t for all the research into lung cancer and treatments, I may not still be alive.”

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at fundraising@roycastle.org.