11th August 2023

Get muddy for a great cause! 5 Reasons to take part in our Walk in White challenge

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Introducing our latest charity challenge, Walk in White! While we’re calling on you to have fun and walk any distance, in any location, on any day that suits you, our brand-new virtual fundraiser means more than you know.

Lung cancer is often referred to as the hidden cancer because early symptoms are hard to spot. That’s why, we’re asking you to don white and raise awareness of lung cancer so more people know about the disease and what to look out for!

Why White?

White is the symbol of lung cancer and the ribbon colour that represents the disease. This once again draws on the invisibility of lung cancer and we want to use that to stand out from the crowd.

How often do you go walking in white? Let alone splash yourself in mud. You’re sure to draw attention to yourselves and get conversations flowing.

Help us to get people talking and create much-needed awareness with a fun activity that everyone can get involved with (and get your whites as grubby as possible along the way)! 

You could even get a head start and decorate your exclusive Walk in White t-shirt before you set off – see our team’s examples:

Who Can Take Part?

The beauty of the Walk in White challenge lies in its inclusivity. It’s open to individuals of all ages and walking abilities. Whether you’re a family seeking a day of bonding amidst mud and laughter, a community group with a passion for supporting meaningful causes, or an individual looking to contribute, the Roy Castle team welcomes you with open arms.

Tips for starting a walking group

Thinking of creating a walking group at your office or school? It’s simpler than you might think! Gather like-minded colleagues or classmates who share your enthusiasm for the cause. Set a clear goal – whether it’s fundraising, awareness building, or both! Collaborate on planning, share responsibilities, and promote the event within your respective circles. You can also utilise social media platforms, email, and Facebook groups to spread the word.

Involving the family in a muddy mission

Getting the family involved in Walk in White can be a heartwarming experience. Share the cause with your loved ones, highlighting the importance of supporting those affected by lung cancer. Frame the challenge as an adventure – an opportunity to explore, have fun, and create lasting memories together. Encourage each family member to contribute creatively – from designing Walk in White t-shirts to brainstorming fundraising ideas. Make the challenge a bonding activity that emphasises empathy and giving back!

How Far Should I Walk?

Flexibility is key when it comes to the Walk in White challenge. The distance you cover is entirely up to you. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll in your local park or an ambitious trek through the countryside, the choice is yours.

Seeking inspiration? The UK boasts a plethora of picturesque trails, and your journey can be a well-loved path or an exciting new adventure. Look into some of our recommended walks for inspiration:

  • Luss Heritage Trail, Loch Lomond – 1.5 miles 
  • Wycoller Country Park, Lancashire – 2.5 miles 
  • Simonside Family Walk, Northumberland National Park – 3 miles 
  • Pwllheli, Llyn Peninsula – 5 miles 

Too far from home? Don’t worry you can find local walks and parks by checking on your councils website. Green spaces will be outlined, giving you plenty of choices to complete your Walk in White challenge.

What Should I Wear?

While Walk in White comes with an official t-shirt, there’s nothing to say you can’t take it a step further and get creative with your walking attire.

You could even explore our charity shops or online store and bag yourself an affordable outfit for you walk. Why not try…

  • Utilising old work shirts for sun protection
  • Turning a white sheet into a whimsical costume
  • Embrace the elegance of white sportswear
  • Swapsies with your friends and family
  • You could even don a wedding dress if you’re feeling brave enough…

There are so many ways to stand out, which will you choose?

The perks of taking part…

Sign up today and receive the exclusive challenge bundle, inclusive of…

  • Official Walk in White t-shirt
  • A digital activity book filled with challenges and games (physical copies available for the cost of postage)
  • Invite to the Roy Castle Volunteers and Fundraising Facebook group
  • Access to the challenge Spotify playlist
  • A certificate upon completion of your walk
  • An exclusive medal for each team member raising £25 or more

This September, join us in illuminating the journey of life with lung cancer, one white-clad step at a time. Embrace the mud, spread awareness, and contribute to a cause that truly matters. Your participation is a stride towards a brighter future.