13th May 2022

How volunteering can boost your mental health

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Mental Health Awareness Week is almost over, but that doesn’t mean that the conversations and awareness of this year’s topic of loneliness comes to an end.  

Loneliness can affect anyone. Whether a person is surrounded by hundreds of people, or they live in a more isolated setting. Loneliness can intrude and impact on the well-being of all manner of people. 

It could be that your friends or family live miles away or that you don’t feel you can connect with even your closest loved ones or that you’ve lost a loved one, particularly a spouse and are struggling with the loneliness of not having them in your life. 

Whether you’re living with lung cancer, affected by the disease, a supporter of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation or have no affiliation with the charity – we can help. One of which ways, is volunteering. 

Volunteering at any of our retail stores gives you the opportunity to meet new people, get out of the house and into a brand-new setting, whilst giving you the satisfaction of making a difference to those affected by lung cancer.  

I came to work for the charity after retiring, I felt I was losing the art of communication and becoming very isolated. The charity has helped me get back on track and a purpose to get up in the morning, I feel very much part of this wonderful family and have met a lot of interesting people. Lockdown was a very difficult time for me and I was very grateful to be able to return.

Ken Davies, Volunteer at Chester shop for over five years

How volunteering can combat loneliness 

Volunteering offers a unique opportunity to meet a fantastic range of people from all walks of life. Old, young, retired, working or student, we have them all in our army of volunteers who play a vital role within the charity.  

This not only includes raising funds, but awareness of the charity whilst providing services to your local community.  

By volunteering you could play a part in that whilst also networking with an amazing group of individuals who are friendly, compassionate and caring.  

Volunteering also gets you in a routine, making sure you go out a few times per week, engaging with fellow volunteers and staff regularly, as well as meeting our fabulous shoppers.  

Having those connections can give you something to look forward to. Provide a listening ear when you need it and ease your feelings of being alone. It gives you the chance to connect with many people, forming friendships way beyond the shop you volunteer at.  

The beauty of volunteering is that the hours and days can be tailored to your needs and schedule. So, if it’s just a few hours per week or two to three days, we’d love to have you on board.  

And with over 15 shops across the Merseyside and Chester area, we are always looking for people to help.  

Alongside retail volunteering roles we do have head office and event volunteer roles available if you would prefer to work in admin or at one off events. Simply visit our volunteer page for more information.