17th February 2020

A Random Act of Kindness from Jane

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On Random Acts of Kindness Day, we’d like to share a story of a donation we received last year. We were bowled over when Jane gave us a call to tell us about her family’s extraordinarily generous donation.

Jane shared her reasons for their donation: “When we were looking at charities to support, we noticed that although lung cancer is quite high on the list for cancer occurrences, the funding to support research into treatment is not really matched.

My husband and I are both scientists, we met while we were doing our PhDs several years ago. He is an Associate Professor at a university and I work as a research scientist.

Our Christian faith is intertwined in what we do. We were blessed with some inheritance and felt that we should share that blessing with others, so we donated £20,000 to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

A few years ago, my husband was treated for blood cancer. His treatment may mean that he is at a higher risk of a secondary cancer – particularly lung cancer – in the future.

Investment and support for research into blood cancer over many years saved my husband’s life, we felt we wanted to help support research into other cancers. As scientists, we know the importance of sustained funding for research.

While growing up, we both used to watch Record Breakers on TV – Roy Castle’s name and story were linked in our minds with lung cancer, so Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation was the only charity we thought to look out for.

Donating the money felt like the right thing to do, it is definitely a better use of the money than it just sitting in a bank account. Hopefully it will benefit far more people in the long run.”

This is a fabulous example of a random act of kindness, and we are so thankful to Jane and her family for this donation.

Gifts like this go towards funding our research projects that help us take those steps closer to new diagnostic techniques and improving patient experience.  

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation receives no government funding. Any donations large or small help us fund our support services for everyone affected by lung cancer.

If you want to help us support people affected by lung cancer every day, you can make a donation or set up a direct debit. What better day to do it than Random Acts of Kindness Day