2nd June 2020

Key worker taps for charity outside hospital

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Fiona Thomas was one of thousands of people to take part in Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation’s National Tapathon. Problem was the virtual event was taking part at 3pm, just before she was due to go on shift. Thankfully, after getting permission from the hospital’s senior management team, Fiona donned her tap shoes and took part outside St John’s hospital in Livingston.

“I’ve tapped on and off all my life and it really is one of my passions, so when I heard about the tapathon I was desperate to take part.

“I used to work as a district nurse. However, palliative care can take its toll, so I left and set up my own craft business. However, when COVID hit I was asked to go back to NHS Lothian as a volunteer coordinator.

“I was working on the day of the tapathon but didn’t want miss out, so I spoke the management team and they said I could tap in front of the hospital. I filmed it and uploaded to the event page.

It had been a really busy week – they all are at the minute – so it definitely wasn’t my best performance, but I loved it and I’m really happy to have raised nearly £400 for the charity.”

Fiona’s efforts not only caught the eye of onlookers but also 10-year-old Holly, the daughter of one of her friends.

Holly was so inspired by Fiona’s performance that she too wanted to do something to help. With the help of her friends and a couple of mums and dads, she held a lockdown bake sale, taking ordering throughout the week and delivered the baked goodies on Saturday. Her wonderful efforts added a further £150 to Fiona’s total.

“I think I may have to give Holly my tapathon medal,” said Fiona. “She’s earned it more than me!”