16th December 2022

Lewis and Chris’s Fundraising Story

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Close friends and poker enthusiasts Lewis Philips and Chris Eadie, put all their chips into their fundraising poker night, affectionately named ‘ALL IN FOR SHARON,’ in aid of Chris’s mum who was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2022.   

“Sharon has been like an auntie to me since I was born,” shares Lewis. “So when I heard about her diagnosis, I just felt I had to do something. 

“I contacted Chris and we agreed to host a charity poker event. We play in a pub league tournament, so it was something we knew. However, organising a fundraiser was going to be a monumental task. News soon spread through and everyone was excited. It looked set to be one of the biggest tournaments that Perth as ever held!”

And indeed it was! Almondvalley Bowling Club welcomed 52 registered poker players on the day, with friends and family joining in support. The poker night coupled with raffles and smaller games for bystanders raised over £5,587 for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. 

“I was speechless by the amount we raised,” said Sharon’s son, Chris. “I knew we had a community that would support us and they didn’t disappoint.  

It was an amazing turnout, and we have a video of the moment the total raised was announced, and you can see everyone’s reaction and how much it meant to have raised over £5,000 for my mum. 

My mum was overwhelmed by the support she has received, and nothing makes me happier as a son to see a smile on her face.  She was a force throughout the day, arriving early doors and staying to the very end. There is no stopping her, she even prepared all the food for players and supporters the night before.” 

She showed everyone that day how strong she is! 

Chris, Sharon’s son

“Sharon is a strong brave woman, Lewis concludes. “She prepared food to feed the whole venue. That’s just the kind of person she is, so it feels really good to have done this for her, as well as the thousands of other people who are living with lung cancer.

“It’s been a great experience organising this event and we’re already looking at ways to make this a yearly event.”