5th June 2023

Living greener – World Environment Day

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World Environment Day 2023 has landed and we’re encouraging you to embrace the spirit of the day and step towards a greener lifestyle.

For many years the idea of green living has grown massively with people of all ages making a conscious effort to recycle and reuse as much as they can.

One of the rising issues contributing to waste is fast fashion which is estimated to produce 92 million tonnes of waste per year! This has led to the fashion industry being responsible for 8-10% of global carbon emissions, more than all international flights, according to Geneva Environment Network.

The level of waste from the fashion industry is only expected to rise, unless you make greener choices to reduce fast fashion.

Given the level of waste and the impact on our world, we’re calling for you to help reduce fast fashion and shop more sustainably. One excellent way to begin, is by shopping at your local Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation store.

We’re proud to boast a number of shops up north, with locations in Liverpool, Chester and Manchester, among many other places. And we have a number of online outlets filled with a vibrant range of items.

If you don’t believe us, simply scroll down to see what’s in store…

Find your latest fashion

Give yourself a brand-new look by shopping our fashion lines. Thanks to our local communities we have a fantastic selection of styles to choose from in all sizes.

With items often one-of-a-kind you’re unlikely to see anyone else walking out the door with the same as you, meaning you bag a unique item at an affordable cost.

Don’t miss out on your next fashion find. Shop Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and add a bit of green to your wardrobe.

Home essentials

Redecorate. Revitalise. Reuse. Make your home your own by shopping our homeware.

A number of our stores specialise in large furniture items with beds, bookcases, chairs and more. It’s a perfect opportunity to affordably redecorate or kit out your new home.

So, whether you’re a new homeowner, a student, new parent or just in need of furniture to spruce up your home, we can help.

Go green for the kids!

Introduce your children to greener living by showing them all the hidden gems charity shops host.

From infant to teen, we have you covered, offering everything from toys to games and puzzles to keep your kids happy and entertained.

With rising costs of toys it also gives you the opportunity to buy more for less. Go on a green adventure this summer and treat your kids to something both old and new.

A step in the green direction

Accessorise with success and pair your favourite outfits with shoes, bags and jewellery without breaking the bank.

With a vast selection of styles and colours in store, going green has never been easier.

Stay up-to-date with the latest fashion with Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

Green living has never looked so good! Our high street stores offer the perfect guilt-free shopping experience without costing you a fortune. Plus, with so many ranges available you can literally buy anything that suits your needs, whether that’s re-styling your home or wardrobe, or kitting out your kids with new clothes, games and toys.

Do your bit for the environment and shop green for World Environment Day.

The damaging impact of fast fashion has really inspired us to make greener choices. Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be making some green announcements soon…