15th May 2023

Marching beyond 100 miles – Laura Leslie’s fundraiser

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Laura, 32, Inverness, went the extra mile with her fundraiser by cycling and walking a total of 130 miles in March to commemorate her aunt ‘Babs’, who died of lung cancer in 2017.

Raising a whopping £1,030, this is Laura’s second fundraising challenge for us. In 2020, she also raised £765 by taking part in our Swimming the Distance challenge.

Laura shares what prompted her to take another month-long fundraiser:

“The 100 Miles in March challenge tempted me as it was something different. This presented a real challenge for me. However, I want to push myself even further and realised, if I set my mind to it, I could achieve even more.

“I was really worried about fitting in my walks and cycles and whether I could reach the target. However, I proved myself completely wrong.

“My longest walk took just under 2 hours, which was an enjoyable walk with friends. Before we knew it, we had accomplished over 8 miles!”

As well as being joined by her husband Ray for majority of the challenge, Laura says her Auntie Bab’s memory was ‘firmly in her mind.’

“I knew my Auntie would be spurring me on to push myself.”

“I also had a monkey finger puppet that belonged to ‘Babs’ now passed onto me; she would dress it up for occasions (she was quite the character!) so I made it its own Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation t-shirt to join me.

As well as taking on the walking challenge, Laura also held a bake sale in her office, adorned with information and decorations from the charity.

“Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation was great in providing encouragement and support via emails and the challenge Facebook group was a great place to get inspired by others completing the challenge.

“I would love the money to go towards further vital research into treatment for those living with lung cancer as well as family support.

“I am lucky to have had great support from my friends and family both in terms of donations and encouragement, so I’m certainly not done fundraising for this fantastic charity.

I’m not sure what I would try next but something new would be nice.”