21st March 2023

Matthew, Max, Patrick and Ben’s fundraising story

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University students Matthew Stewart, Max Ellis, Patrick Merrimann and Ben Carson are taking a leaf out of Roy Castle’s book by hosting a 1960s jazz night in aid of all those affected by lung cancer.  

Matthew, one of the masterminds of the event, said: “We’re all studying Events Management at John Moores University and it’s time to host our very first event, and we thought we’d host one that would make a difference. 

Lung cancer is just a topic that isn’t talked about enough and we were inspired to try and change that and increase conversations about the disease whilst honouring the man behind the name of the charity, Roy Castle! 

Hosting an event

“We have the concept, now it’s time to make it happen and we want it to have a big impact.  

To make the event extra special we’ve secured upcoming Jazz Artist, Nick Manz who performed on BBC Young Jazz Musician last year. Alongside this, we’ve got local Liverpool band Meditator who will be playing live on the night.  

As you can imagine, we are jazzed about the upcoming event – pun intended! But we have put a lot of thought behind making it as special as possible for those attending.  

This is our first event we’ve ever hosted, but we’ve found that to make a good fundraiser, you need to find a problem you are passionate about, which we certainly are with this! 

The event

The trio will be bringing Jazz alive for people across Liverpool and it’s open to all those who wish to attend.  

Date: Tuesday 25th April 

Location: Liverpool Arts Bar, 22 Hope Street, L1 9BY 

Start time: 18.30pm – 20.30pm  

Ticket price: £5 

If you’d like to attend the 1960’s Jazz Night, honour Roy Castle and support all those affected by lung cancer, then simply click here to buy your tickets.