19th May 2016

Nationwide survey of lung cancer patients and carers – UKLCC

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The UK Lung Cancer Coalition (UKLCC) – the country’s largest multi-interest group in lung cancer – has launched a series of nationwide surveys to gather information from patients, carers and clinicians on how to improve survival rates in lung cancer.  Established in 2005, the UKLCC’s founding ambition was to double five year survival rates for lung cancer by 2015, and we are delighted that estimates now suggest that we have met this goal in England, with improvements also seen in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Looking to the next ten years, the UKLCC are now looking to set a new survival ambition. 

Help Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation by completing the survey and let’s work together to improve care for everyone affected by the UK’s biggest cancer killer and ensure they have the best possible chance of survival.  You can complete either the patient and carer or health care professional survey here: www.uklcc.org.uk.  The surveys are confidential and the national results will be revealed in a report later this year.      

To find out more about the UKLCC, please visit www.uklcc.org or contact info@uklcc.org.uk