12th June 2018

Nicola Hind

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What is involved in chemotherapy? What does it feel like during the treatment, and what effects are there after?

After being diagnosed with lung cancer, Nicola bravely decided to share her experiences in a video diary so that others who are about to go through the same treatment can see exactly what is involved and what it feels like, both physically and emotionally.

Nicola is living with lung cancer
Nicola is living with lung cancer

Chemotherapy is a very unique experience and everyone can react differently even those on the same regime. This is Nicola’s personal experience. If you are having chemotherapy for lung cancer, are about to start treatment or are considering chemotherapy as a treatment option, please remember that everyone is different and Nicola’s experience may not be the same as yours.

Vlog One: My Chemotherapy Diary

In the first in her series of chemotherapy videos, we meet Nicola on the eve of her first treatment…

Chemotherapy Diaries: Episode 1

Vlog Two: Before, during and After Chemotherapy

In her second video diary entry, Nicola and her partner Julian, explain how they feel and what happens in the 24 hours before, during and after her first round of treatment….

Chemotherapy Diaries: Episode 2

Vlog Three: Post-chemotherapy Round-One Side Effects

In an up and down week, Nicola tells us about the daily medication she has to take, tiredness as well as recommended drinks!

Chemotherapy Diaries: Episode 3

Vlog four: Round 2 of Chemotherapy

Round 2. It’s time for Nicola to have her second round of chemotherapy, and she explains a bit more about the process and how she feels after the treatment. Her advice? Don’t feel bad if you want to spend the day in bed afterwards!

Chemotherapy Diaries: Episode 4

Vlog Five: Side Effects

In her 5th Vlog, Nicola tells us about all of the side effects she’s experienced since starting her chemotherapy, ranging from tinnitus to metallic tastes and tiredness.

Chemotherapy Diaries: Episode 5

Vlog Six: Complementary Therapies

Nicola this time outlines how she’s benefited by supplementing her treatment with complementary therapies.

Chemotherapy Diaries: Episode 6

Vlog Seven: Round 3

After her third round of chemo, Nicola starts to feel the accumulative effects of the treatment. After a tough time she developed some surprising side effects, such as craving cold foods like ice cream!

Chemotherapy Diaries: Episode 7

Vlog Eight: Treatment Choices

In an emotional post, Nicola explains about the treatment choices she had available, and how to best to come to a decision about what treatments to undertake.

Chemotherapy Diaries: Episode 8

Vlog Nine: Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is the advice from Nicola in her latest chemo video diary. Be clear in your mind about your treatment because, as she states, it’s all about you.

Chemotherapy Diaries: Episode 9

You can find out further information about chemotherapy for lung cancer as well as other treatment options on our handy booklets. Download yours now by visiting www.roycastle.org/xxx