15th June 2017

Nurse’s Bursary

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Are you a nurse who specialises in the treatment of lung cancer patients?

We are pleased to offer a new bursary for nurses towards the lung cancer module forming part of the University of Manchester’s 2017 ‘MSc Specialist Practice: Cancer Pathway’. If you are thinking of applying, either as a standalone module or as part of the MSc, we can provide you with a grant of £500 to help with your course.

If the course is funded by your employer or another organisation, you can use the money towards academic support and books.

The module, starting this September, is taught by a combination of flexible online learning and face to face classroom sessions.

This module covers the management of lung cancer. It includes the investigation, diagnosis, staging and treatment pathways used to manage the disease. Factors likely to drive changes in how lung cancer services will develop and be managed are also covered. These will include the roles of health education and behaviour change. Symptom management and palliative care issues are considered and applied to the context of the presentation and management of advanced disease.  Concepts such as stigma and blame will also be explored within the module.

The module enables practitioners to critically analyse their knowledge and understanding of lung cancer and explore the scope of professional practice, developing and applying the skills and competencies needed to provide quality care to patients and their families.

The module aims to:

Enhance practice through the acquisition, extension and critical appraisal of existing knowledge and skills that develop the basis of a life-long learning approach to delivering care Provide opportunity for reflection on practice to develop proposals for change in current service/practice provision. Give opportunity for inter-professional learning that leads to a greater understanding for multi-disciplinary working

Further course details can be found here:

Why do it?

Studying a higher level specialist lung cancer module offers many benefits. Being able to apply specialist knowledge not only promotes insight into how to provide patients with better care, but can also help you to advance your career.

Who can apply?

You can apply for the bursary if you meet any of the following criteria:

You are a member of the Lung Cancer Nurses Forum You are involved in running one of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Supporters Groups You spend a significant amount of your time involved in the care and nursing of those affected by lung cancer this may need to be verified by your current employer

You will need to apply for the Manchester MSc or PGcert with the lung cancer module included, or apply for the lung cancer module on a standalone basis. The bursary will only be provided should you be accepted on the course.

How do I apply?

Please send your personal details along with a brief summary on your background of working with lung cancer.

You can post your application to:

Mike Grundy

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Cotton Exchange Building

Old Hall Street

Liverpool L3 9LQ

Or email: