8th September 2022

Pip’s lung cancer legacy

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When Pip was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2019, she decided to leave a gift in her Will to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Her partner, Mike, explains why and hopes others will do the same.

“Pip had been a heavy smoker for a lot of her life. She had given up smoking for ten years or more earlier but obviously that had a bearing on her diagnosis. But she was also aware that lots of people – like Roy – do get lung cancer having never smoked. Being a curious and inquisitive person, she thought that that was something that ought to be known and wanted to try and help that along if she could.

Pip got a lot of support during her diagnosis and treatment but it was still a difficult and heart breaking time for both of us. This gift would hopefully help make sure other people don’t have to go through some of the things that she had to go through. It could help other get diagnosed quicker and ultimately give someone a better outcome than Pip had.

She was an incredible generous person – generous of spirit as well as financially. She had always given to charity throughout her life and she knew she wanted to do the same when she died. If we ever had a fight, she would laugh and say ‘Well, that’s less for you and more for the charities!

Pip was also a highly principled person. She had a deep sense of fairness or unfairness; she hated to see unfairness and I think that’s why Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation was one of the primary charity beneficiaries in her Will. She was aware that, despite affecting so many people, lung cancer was historically underfunded. To Pip, that wasn’t right and so she wanted to try and right that wrong.

Lots of other cancer charities, I’m pleased to say, get a lot of backing. In Pip’s opinion, lung cancer doesn’t get enough funding and yet it affects so many people. If more people are going to be diagnosed earlier, then we need the funding to be able to do the research and I like to think Pip has helped just that little bit.

I appreciate at the moment things are difficult for a lot of people. Many people may find it difficult to find £5 here or there to donate to charity. So leaving a gift in your Will is a fantastic way to support a cause close to your heart. It means you don’t have to give up your money right now but boy, can you make a difference after you go. That’s a great legacy to have.