16th June 2023

Remembering Jim Rayment 

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Four years on from losing her father Jim Rayment, Jaime Britton is honouring him this Father’s Day with a dedication page in his memory.

Born in Tottenham on 22nd August 1934, Jim Rayment had two brothers and sisters and was a twin to a sister who sadly died at birth. We spoke to Jaime about her father, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in October 2019 and died later the same year aged 85.

“Dad went into the army when he turned 18, but sadly after a few years, he got TB when stationed in Egypt and had to be leave for treatment. Back then TB wasn’t easy to treat, and he was sadly left with only half a lung on one side. He was very lucky to survive it.

“He married his first wife and they had three boys. After they divorced, he met my mum when she was 18. Despite an age difference of 19 years, they hit it off right away and had an incredible 45 years together, having me and my brother along the way.

“My dad was a qualified carpenter. He was a keen gardener and also had an allotment. He loved his birds and enjoyed being around wildlife. He loved action and cowboy films and was a fan of Motown and Country music too.

He had a great sense of humour and I always loved chatting with him about his childhood as I loved learning about how things were different when he was young.

“I have very fond memories of my dad and had a great childhood with him and my family. I was his only girl so we had a great father-daughter bond.

“When I was a little girl, we used to go to the seaside most weekends in summer and we also baked together. He loved his puddings and we both shared a sweet tooth!.

“Christmas was always a warm, happy place in our house and on Christmas Eve, we would sing Christmas songs together and eat nice treats and get ready for Santa. Our Christmas tradition was that we could pick one Christmas present to open each on Christmas Eve.

When I was younger, he made me a special keepsake box which he painted. It used to be a small toolbox he used for his carpentry, so it was extra special. I now have this as my memory box, filled with things to remember him by along with letters I used to always ask him and my mum to write me when I was little.

“It was in 2019 when our nightmare began. Whilst on holiday, Dad started coughing up blood which caused great concern. He also kept saying it felt like there was something in his throat he couldn’t get rid of, like something was stuck. In October 2019, we got the terrible news that he had stage 4 lung cancer. A month later, he passed away after also contracting sepsis.

“We often talk about my dad and always remember all the happy memories. We are grateful that even though my dad got this horrible diagnosis, he lived a long life and greatly impacted those around him. It gives me and my family relief that he didn’t suffer for long and that he is at peace and out of pain now.”

Want to leave a dedication to your dad? Our Father’s Day dedication page is now live and gives you the chance to write a message for your father, father figure, or granddad. This year, as a special thank you and to appreciate Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation supporters, we’re entering everyone who leaves a dedication into a prize draw to win a hamper, kindly donated by Prestige Hampers.