21st July 2021

Remembering Kim Turner

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The bond between a girl and her dad is very special. For Stacey, her dad, Kim, was her hero, a man who always looked out for everyone else, and by sharing their story, Kim continues to do just that.

“My dad was simply amazing. If I ever had a problem, he would put things right. If I ever needed anything fixing, he would fix it and, if I ever needed telling I was wrong, he would have no problem in telling me!

Dad loved his life and would always be the one to lend a helping hand to anybody in need. As a self-employed builder, he enjoyed meeting new clients and took great care in every job he did for them.

He supported me through every step of my life, right up until the end. Dad was the only man to never let me down.

Family meant the world to dad – he treasured his three grandchildren and they absolutely adored him too. They were always dancing together, pretending to play the saxophone and generally causing mischief! Dad was always up for a laugh.

Mum and dad would do everything together. They met as teenagers in senior school and after a few years of dating they stuck together and were devoted to one another. They returned to their much-loved holiday destination in Tenerife many times over the years and made quite a few friends out there.

Summer was definitely his favourite season; he loved the light warm evenings and weekends where he could host barbeques for all of the family – he’d sit back and relax with a cold beer surrounded by his nearest and dearest.

He loved Christmas for the same reason. Christmases were full of family and fun; dad loved a good sing-along! He was the life and soul of the party.

Devastating news

Dad had a pain in his neck and shoulder for a while. Then, when he started to feel under the weather, we took him to A&E. That was when our lives were changed forever.

When he was in hospital, he started to develop breathing issues and, after numerous scans and biopsies, he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Dad’s health deteriorated quickly. I felt so out of control. As each day passed, it felt like we lost a little bit more of him, until he passed away just 10 months later.

He was simply the best. And I still can’t believe he’s gone.

Dad’s final round

Golfing was a passion of dads. He was a member of the Harry Cohen Golf Society at Hartswood Golf Club. He often played a round of golf there every weekend with his friends, Gary, Dave and Mick, my brother Lee, and my partner, Mark.

After dad’s funeral, we held the wake at his golf club. It felt right to be in one of his favourite places. I want to carry on dad’s legacy and raise awareness of lung cancer, we were dure to hold a charity golf day in 2020 but sadly the pandemic meant it couldn’t go ahead. However, I’m so pleased that we can host it this year on the 7th August to celebrate dad’s life, share memories doing something he loved and raise funds for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

I’m angry that dad was taken away so quickly, and so young at just 63. He still had so many things to do, and I still have so much I want to ask him.

The feeling of losing a family member is hard to explain. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about him – or need him.

I don’t want anyone to have to feel what I am feeling. That’s why I wanted to share my dad’s story to support others going through something similar, or better yet stop someone from going through it.

Everyone needs to have a greater awareness of lung cancer. I’m glad we have Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation who are raising awareness and challenging the stigma surrounding the disease.

Knowing that my story could help even just one person makes the sad days a little bit more manageable.”

For more information about Stacey’s charity golf day in memory of her father at Hartswood Golf Club, Brentwood, please click here.